Alonso wins German Grand Prix

2010-07-25 15:36

Hockenheim - Fernando Alonso led Ferrari to a one-two finish in the German Grand Prix on Sunday after denying Brazilian team mate Felipe Massa an emotional victory one year on from a near-fatal crash. While Alonso celebrated his second triumph of the season, and 23rd of his career, it was accompanied by a whiff of controversy with Massa sent what sounded like a veiled message to allow the Spaniard to overtake on lap 49.

Germany's Sebastian Vettel was third for Red Bull after starting on pole position. McLaren's Lewis Hamilton was fourth to extend his overall championship lead to 14 points.

Results from the German Grand Prix:

1. Fernando Alonso    Ferrari    67    Winner   
2. Felipe Massa    Ferrari    67    +4.1 secs   
3. Sebastian Vettel    Red Bull    67    +5.1 secs   
4. Lewis Hamilton    McLaren    67    +26.8 secs   
5. Jenson Button    McLaren-Mercedes    67    +29.4 secs   
6. Mark Webber    Red Bull    67    +43.6 secs   
7. Robert Kubica    Renault    66    +1 Lap   
8. Nico Rosberg    Mercedes GP    66    +1 Lap   
9. Michael Schumacher    Mercedes GP    66    +1 Lap       
10. Vitaly Petrov    Renault    66    +1 Lap   
11. Kamui Kobayashi    BMW Sauber      +1 Lap   
12. Rubens Barrichello    Williams       +1 Lap       
13. Nico Hulkenberg    Williams        +1 Lap       
14. Pedro de la Rosa    BMW Sauber       +1 Lap   
15. Jaime Alguersuari   Toro Rosso      +1 Lap   
16. Vitantonio Liuzzi    Force India        +2 Lap   
17. Adrian Sutil    Force India-        +2 Lap       
18. Timo Glock    Virgin      +3 Lap   
19. Bruno Senna    HRT       +4 Lap       
Retired Heikki Kovalainen    Lotus      +11 Lap       
Retired Lucas di Grassi    Virgin     +17 Lap   
Retired Sakon Yamamoto    HRT        +48 Laps   
Retired Jarno Trulli    Lotus        +64 Laps       
Retired Sebastien Buemi    Toro Rosso      +66 Laps   

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  • Lily White - 2010-07-25 15:54

    Nothing veiled about it. Absolutely spoiled the race fir me, and switched off after that. Pity for Massa as this would have done the world of good for his confidence and chances for the championship. This is what kills this sport. They might as well allow open team orders if they let Ferrari get away with this.

  • Andrew - 2010-07-25 16:03

    The "No team orders" rule was bought into F1 due to Ferrari and Shumacher..They are shocking cheats, if Alonso wasn't fast enough to overtake, he deserved 2nd place..Its frankly Bulls@#t..I hope they get nailed!!!! To listen to Martinengo and co say its part of F1 is a lie, saving fuel is a totally different ball-game to FORCING Massa to slow down..PATHETIC!!

  • glen - 2010-07-25 16:13

    great result. well done Fernando. you worked hard for this result, the best driver won

  • Sputnik - 2010-07-25 16:21

    BOO Ferrari. It took the interest out of the race.I hope they get penalized.

  • Clayton - 2010-07-25 17:27

    Team orders have played a role in F1 from the very beginning, I have been following F1 religiously for 35 years. Nothing wrong with team orders, it's a team and they should decide who needs to win in the interest of the championship, not in the interests of one mans ego! Just as a coach takes off a player in soccer and sends another one on to the field in order for the team to win! F1 has become absurd with all its pathetic rules in the last 10 years, and no team orders are one of them!

  • andrew - 2010-07-25 17:30

    This is the same as vote rigging, when is this cheating going to end??

  • spider - 2010-07-25 18:08

    F1 remains a circus. I cannot wait for Motogp at Laguna Seka tonight where there are no team orders and overtaking takes place on the track!

  • glen - 2010-07-25 18:27

    spider, what do you mean, moto gp has more team orders than f1, how has rossi won so much, team orders buddy

  • Michael - 2010-07-25 18:39

    At the end of the day, what a team is there for is winning the world championship. It must be pointed out that Ferrari would be pilloried if Alonso lost the championship by five points or less - the margin he gained by getting ahead of Massa today. Only one [driver] can win the world championship and by the end of the year if you think you could have lost the championship by exactly those points, you will ask yourself - and all the fans, the TV, the journalists and so on will ask - why do you do so? Team orders had been more subtly employed many times in recent years despite the rules, either with drivers changing position in the pits or not resisting what appeared to be straightforward overtaking moves. If you go back to other years, in other teams, in other situations, in the last race [of the season] for example, there were clear team orders. And everybody accepts those, and goes 'yeah, that's normal, it's the last race' and so on. You have to do it in a way that's nice and maybe not too obvious, make it a nice fight, but there is only one target and that's winning the championship. Forza Ferrari!

  • Polvy - 2010-07-25 19:22

    Ferarri sucks!!!!

  • sarah - 2010-07-25 23:21

    Team ordes have always been there ... (( remember brazil 07 massa and raikonnen for example..)) the only one to blame is massa... for not being smart and a good team mate

  • Nico - 2010-07-26 06:52

    Vettel tried to hard to block Alonso @ the start. Two dogs fight for a bone. Losing 1st or even second was his own fault. Fairly boring race in all. And shumager is slowing going down the stairs. He's almost right at the bottom. It will be a real pity if he leaves at the end of this season, I enjoy seeing him beaten time after time. Race after race his young team mate (and all the others) outclasses him.

  • Jay - 2010-07-26 08:02

    I dont normally resort to being a di@k while posting comments, but I really feel the need to here, so here goes, I'll put big money on the fact that most of the guys complaining here probably still have posters on their bedroom walls of MS jumping on the pdium the way he used to (when he could still drive, and jumping like that didnt risk breaking his hip), you guys are all sore that MS's return to F1 has been so dismal. Ferrari did EXACTLY the same thing for MS before and they arent the only ones to have done so, team orders happen, sure they get disguised in many forms, but they happen, doesnt make it right, but its not something thats gonna stop any time soon. Am I happy Alonso won this one?... yes, Am I happy about the way it happened?...definitely not, a very hollow victory for Ferrari and a very sad day for Massa and F1!

  • Stuart - 2010-07-26 10:14

    You really have to feel for Felipe Massa, exactly a year to the day that he had his near fatal accident in Hungary; what a wonderful comeback it would've been. The order to Felipe to move over is about 6 races premature. With 200 points still on the table and given Ferrari's return to form, there was absolutely no need to order Massa to move over.

  • Ebi - 2010-07-26 10:43

    @ Everyone criticising this move – are you guys serious? If you are, you are either just overly-emotional, extremely biased and anti-Ferrari/Alonso, or you know nothing about the sport. Team orders have been part of F1 since the sport started, and always will be. The only reason it was “banned” was because schumi was being handed titles as a result of his teammate being forbidden from truly racing, let alone beating him. The problem with that was that it started from the beginning of the season, and in the race (Austria 2002) that caused the furore Barrichello was far ahead of schumi, and clearly faster than him, yet was ordered to slow down and let him pass. That was unfair, and should never be condoned. The current situation is totally different. To those making that reference, like I said, the problem with that was that his teammate was NEVER given a fair chance, and the ban was introduced to prevent such blatant favouritism. In this case Massa (and everyone since the “ban” started), has always been given a fair chance so establish themselves as the leader in their various teams, and it’s only after that’s been done that teams start to back the driver WITH THE BEST CHANCE of winning (and seriously, NOBODY who knows anything about the sport can honestly deny that in this case that man is Alonso). On two occasions already this season Alonso has been held up by Massa, however at the time they were allowed to race as there wasn’t a clear leader in the team. Once a leader is established, assuming they had equal status for the first few races (which they had), and especially being more than half way through the season, of course the team should be working on giving the leader the best chance of winning the championship. That’s the only logical and sensible thing to do. How can you guys not understand that? So far Alonso has done a much better job (as the points difference showed even before this race), with equal treatment, and he deserves the backing of the team (forget F1, that applies in all sports and jobs in general, surely you guys can recognise that?). As for passing on the track, the guys who are suggesting that if he was faster he should have been able to pass, if you guys really think it’s that simple then you definitely know nothing about the sport, and it would be a waste of time to elaborate. The ONLY reason why this has become an issue, is because of the deliberate way in which Smedley and Massa executed the message and move respectively. If it had been done in a more subtle way, as has happened on many occasions, and in every team since the “ban” was imposed 8 years ago (do you guys really not know that, or deliberately pretending not to, or just ignoring it?) - and will continue to happen forever - there wouldn’t have been an issue. On other occasions the decisions have just been accepted and executed more tactfully. Come on guys, take a step back, take emotion out of the equation, and think about it objectively, this is F1, always has been, always will be. Personally, I don’t like Ferrari, never have, because they’ve always been favoured by the FIA, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be objective. I would love to see a full and proper ban (along with those stupid blue flags practically forcing tail enders to sometimes come to a standstill), as both measures would force more overtaking and provide so much more excitement (as used to be the case), but it is IMPOSSIBLE to impose that (the team orders ban). All you need is a bit of intelligence (and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way) to understand that, there will always be a way to do it, and it will ALWAYS happen, in every team.

  • Mika - 2010-07-26 13:38

    This happened in 2002 also with Ferrari between Michael and Ruben’s, Michael was labelled a cheat, so now I guess so will Alonso… Silly Ferrari management, one would of thought that they learned by now!

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