Alonso: My best season yet

2012-07-20 10:24

Formula 1 championship leader Fernando Alonso says he is in the best shape of his career and is determined to fight for his third win of the season in the upcoming German Grand Prix.

Although he’s feeling confident in his team he is aware that Red Bull have a faster car and will be a major threat during the race on July 22.


Alonso said: "You are a better driver every year because you improve from mistakes - that is the way it is, you always learn constantly in Formula 1 and you have to go with it."

"Physically it's my best season so far because in previous years, I didn't have good preparation, and hopefully it stays like this, I have arrived 100% at every race, so it's good. I'm quite pleased with my performance."

Leading the 2012 title race by 13 points ahead of Mark Webber, Alonso agrees that he has been lucky considering the current season is regarded by many to be the most open season in F1 history.

"It's true that the factors that play around this championship so far have been good for us," he said.


He added that he was impressed with the overall performance of his car and hopes Ferrari can chase Red Bull in the next few races.

"I think Red Bull has been a little bit quicker than everybody else, not for just the last two or three Grands Prix, but I think since Bahrain. They lost pole position in Barcelona and at Silverstone, but the rest (of the poles) were all Red Bull. This shows you how fast they are.

"I know everyone at Ferrari, everyone in the team, is working so hard to do that so we can stay competitive for the rest of the season and, of course, this weekend."

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