Alonso, Massa no 'dream team'

2013-01-17 10:08

While praising Felipe Massa's recent return to form, team chief Stefano Domenicali insists Ferrari's driver pairing is deliberately not a "dream team".

At the Italian team's annual media event at the Madonna di Campiglio ski resort in January 2013, Domenicali was asked yet again about rumours Ferrari might pluck Sebastian Vettel from Red Bull to join Fernando Alonso.


Domenicali said: "A dream team is fantastic if it is correctly managed, but at the moment we are not looking at that, because we want to ensure the team is as well balanced as possible.

"You have to be very careful, not just in formula one, but in sport in general, because sometimes putting together all the number ones can lead to more negatives than positives."

That might be interpreted as a slight against Massa, but it is true the Brazilian has not always been in top form since his recovery from a 2009 head injury, and the arrival at Ferrari of Spaniard Alonso.

Domenicali said: "I think the toughest part of Felipe's career is now behind him.

"Personally, there was a lot of pressure on me regarding possible changes, but in the interests of the team, I preferred to wait and today, I'm convinced that keeping Felipe in the Ferrari family was the right decision."

  • MuhammadSheikOumar - 2013-01-17 16:16

    Letting Schumacher go at the end of 2006 was Ferrari's biggest mistake. It all went downhill since then with Kimi giving F1 the boot. The team itself brokedown after Schumacher left. If Schumacher stayed another 3 years or more, Ferrari would have most likely won more championships. For them to establish another "dream team" will be very difficult. Between 2000-2004 the team was at its peak. I dont see them getting back into that shape with the current drivers.

      nbasson - 2013-01-17 16:58

      I think it is has more to do with Rory Byrne leaving Ferrari as well at that time. Remember, a dream team doesn't consist of the driver only, you have to give Ross Brawn and Jean Todt credit as well. Look at what Newey is doing for Vettel's Career...

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