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6 times Rosberg and Hamilton battled, crashed on track

2016-07-04 09:08

INTERVENTION NEEDED: Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are no strangers to on-track battles. Image: AFP / Georg Hochmuth

Austria - Lewis Hamilton crashed with team mate Rosberg in a wild final lap on Sunday (June 3) as he claimed a dramatic victory in a pulsating 2016 Austrian Grand Prix.

The defending three-time world champion, who started from pole position, attacked the championship leader who defended hard at turn two where the pair collided.

Rosberg forced Hamilton off the track, but the Briton rejoined, the pair touching briefly again, and pulled clear to win. Behind him, Rosberg suffered a damaged front wing and dropped back to finish fourth.

As it happened: 2016 Austrian GP

Rosberg and Hamilton have a long history of incidents between them, even before the last-lap collision at the 2016 Austrian Grand Prix.

Here are just some of the previous incidents between the two:

1. 2014 Monaco GP - Robbed of pole position 

In qualifying for the 2014 Monaco GP, Rosberg's bizarre mistake robs Hamilton of a chance to go for pole and Rosberg wins the race the next day.

2. 2014 Hungarian GP - Ignoring team orders

Hamilton ignores team orders to allow Rosberg to pass at the Hungarian GP.

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3. 2014 Belgian GP - Was this crash deliberate?

Hamilton alleges Rosberg deliberately crashed into him at the Belgian GP.

4. 2015 USA Grand Prix - Anything to win the title

Hamilton forces pole-sitter Rosberg off the track at the US race and goes on to win the world title. After the race as the drivers are awaiting to go onto the winners' podium, the now infamous cap-incident took place.

5. 2016 Spanish GP - First-lap insanity

The two collide at the Spanish GP as Hamilton tries to overtake Rosberg shortly after the start.

6. 2016 Canadian GP - Get out of my way Nico!

Hamilton forces Rosberg off the track at the Canadian GP as they seek to catch Sebastian Vettel at the first turn. Hamilton goes on to win the race, while Rosberg drops to fifth.

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