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2018 Singapore GP: 5 of the most thrilling race moments

2018-09-17 15:01

Janine Van der Post


Image: AFP / Jewel Samad

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel has been triumphant at the Bay Marina street circuit four times before, and Sunday's race should have been his to win.

Instead, the Ferrari team's strategy failed the championship contender, resulting in Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton racing from pole to victory.

First it was Monza, Ferrari's home ground, where the team and Vettel, had made crucial errors which saw Hamilton take the win. And now it was Singapore too, a race which should have favoured the reds on paper.

Hamilton ended the race with an extended lead of 40 points of Vettel.

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1. Sergio Perez takes out his team mate

Force India had a terrible start to the race when the boys in pink brought out the safety car for a Lap 1 incident when Sergio Perez pushed his team mate Esteban Ocon in to the wall. 

Perez claims he did not see his team mate - that is debatable - and got a 5-second drive through penalty. Formula 1 fans are calling for stricter punishments.

2. Ferrari strategy has Vettel reeling

Vettel managed to pass Max Verstappen at the start of the race, but that didn't last very long as Verstappen regained the position during pit stops. 

Ferrari made Vettel pit a lap too late, much to Mercedes' delight and handing Hamilton an advantage to keep his lead in the race. 

3. Underdogs dueling almost made Hamilton lose the race

Who says the back markers can't have a race of their own? Haas' Romain Grosjean and Williams' Sergio Sirotkin took  dueling to another level. Both Verstappen and Hamilton has said on the radios: "What are they doing?". Red Bull responded and said: "They are racing."

However, they were all over the place making it very difficult for Hamilton to pass and making Verstappen and Vettel get the opportunity to get right in his mirrors. If Verstappen had passed Hamilton at that very moment, he most certainly could have won the race.

4. Mad Max behaved himself 

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton started the race alongside each on the grid for the first time. Surprisingly, 'Mad Max' behaved like a gentleman and Hamilton got away clean. He started the race in P2, and that's where he ended. Of course he had Vettel to duel with on several occasions and Hamilton had him right on his tail several times.

5. Controversial blue flags

Blue flags indicate that a faster car is behind a driver attempting to overtake. The slower car is obligated to give way. The flags are shown both to lapped cars and those racing. Haas' Roman Grosjean was given a penalty for ignoring the blue flags when Lewis Hamilton was trying to pass him. Race director Charlie Whiting believes that Grosjean has committed "one of the worst cases" in regards to the rule.

Hamilton said after the race that the blue flags are so difficult to see as they are dark blue in colour and are held out in a small gap on the wall, it is so easy to miss.


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