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2015 Brazilian GP: Ricciardo to test new Renault engine

2015-11-13 10:46

READY FOR BRAZIL: Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo will test Renault's upgraded powertrain at the 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix at the Interlagos circuit.Image: AP / Rob Griffith

Sao Paulo, Brazil - Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo expects to test Renault's latest upgraded engines at the 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix.

Red Bull are without a finalised engine deal for 2016 and despite months of disagreements with the French supplier may yet return to them for 2016.

Ricciardo, who has sole responsibility for testing the latest engines in practice on Friday, said he is keen to help the team resolve their problems.

'Nothing to lose'

Ricciardo said: "We are undecided on what we are going to do next year. So if maybe we do see something positive for this weekend and take forward for next year, it could give us an option or give us a clarity on where we want to go.

"In my position - with two races left - we are not fighting for a whole lot. It is not a circuit we expect to be on the podium, so there is nothing to lose in trying it.

"And as I said, it might give us some clarity or answers."

10-place penalty risk

For Ricciardo the change of engine will mean a 10-place grid penalty, but he is happy to accept that in the circumstances.

He said: "We want to know but I am not getting my hopes up. Renault said it is not going to give me a whole lot of lap time, between one tenth and two tenths.

"If they say between one and two tenths, then it is probably more like a tenth. I am curious to know more the driveability...

"If there is something from it, whether it picks up the throttle cleaner, or if there is something here which can be positive and that can help with tyre wear during the race.

"That is what I am more interested in."


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