2014 critics have 'agenda' - Mosley

2014-04-16 15:18

SHANGHAI, China - Former president of the International Automotive Federation Max Mosley said criticism of the "new" face of Formula 1 is being driven by those with an "agenda".

Since the sport made its switch to smaller, quieter and greener turbo V6 power units, its loudest
critic is Ferrari.

FIA president Jean Todt is the new champion of the regulations but they were the brainchild of Mosley, who initially wanted engines to be even quieter four-cylinder ones.


Mosley said the old V8s were "dinosaurs": "It's a really interesting technology and it's change. If you don't have change you disappear."

In April 2014 its been all change at Maranello, as
Stefano Domenicali was ousted and the F1-unknown Marco Mattiacci was installed as team boss.

What has not changed is Ferrari's criticism of F1 2014.

Italy's Olympic chief,
Giovanni Malago, was quoted in the Italian media admitting he does not like the 'new' F1.

Ferrari has now reproduced the quotes on its official website.

Malago said: "In my opinion, it's a form of self-harm. I hope the people who run the sport look again at the rules because the way F1 is now, it has much less appeal and that's a shame as it is an extraordinary world."

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton said: "
Bahrain was fantastic and not just for us as a team but for the sport.  I'm sure it won't be the last time we see a great show in 2014.

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