10-place penalty for Grosjean

2013-05-26 19:59

MONTE CARLO, Monaco - Lotus driver Romain Grosjean was handed a 10-place grid penalty for the 2013 Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix for smashing into the back of Daniel Ricciardo's Toro Rosso in Monaco on Sunday.

Stewards ruled that the Frenchman, who had a spate of accidents last year and was banned for one race, had caused the collision as the two cars exited the tunnel on lap 62 of the crash-strewn, 78-lap race.

Grosjean made it clear after the race that he blamed the Australian.


"I have been following him for 61 laps and he was really struggling with his rear tyres, he had a lot of graining so no more grip," he told reporters. "I was very close in the tunnel and I had to follow his line for a lot of laps and I got caught by the fact that he braked very early in the middle of the track."

Grosjean said the most frustrating thing about his weekend was in qualifying when he said he had been blocked by Ricciardo and had to start 13th.

Ricciardo, 13th when hit by Grosjean, saw it differently.

"I could see that Grosjean had got a good run out of the tunnel and that he was close so I defended my line and the next thing I knew he was over the back of me," he said. "I haven't seen it on a TV yet but at the moment I believe it was a misjudgement on his part and a costly one that was quite dangerous."

The Canadian GP will be raced in Montreal June 9.

  • HJS - 2013-05-26 20:17

    Remind us again, how many incidents was Grosjean involved in just THIS weekend? never mind his 'career'...... not so sure he is entitled to a "super license".

      Maartins Siphiso - 2013-05-27 07:45

      Yes, Lotus needs a consistent 2nd driver, Grosjean blows hot & cold, like Massa. The team need good points from both drivers, not just from Kimi. Sutil is good driver, but I don't think lotus will be happy with Sutil, perhaps he will be snapped up by Red Bull or Ferrari. Perez also had his kamakazi scarf on this weekend, he screwed up Kimi's race & then ended up as a DNF.

      Dewald Botha - 2013-05-27 12:10

      What about Perez, everyone needs to back off because he's comming!

  • Dane Herbst - 2013-05-27 10:09

    i really hope sutil or di resta fill grosjeans seat if he leaves, he is far from consistant and the other 2 are showing real racing qualities, hell if massa isnt in ferrari next yr he might end up at lotus, massa prob needs a change

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