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Wheels24's Top 5 for 2007

2007-12-31 11:45
As we prepare to plunge head-first into 2008, the Wheels24 team has compiled its list of top cars for the year that has passed.

Mazda 2

It may seem unlikely, but this is the one car that practically had the team members coming to blows over who would secure the driving rights for the test period.

All we'll say is that someone pulled rank, but we all agreed this car is cute, yes, but it's also very well stocked and shows astounding dynamic abilities.

Audi R8

It's hard to believe that while being able to produce passenger cars in practically every segment with little sign of slowing down, Audi has also found the production space to create something as exquisite as the R8.

A study in dramatic proportions, impeccable road manners and awesome fire power, this first supercar attempt from Ingolstadt gets our vote.

Incidentally, we thought the S3 was good too.


The one that started all the fuss several years was back with a bang in 2007. And constant comparisons with a certain member of the four-ringed family did little to detract from our enthusiasm.

New M3 may be bigger, but we love that newfangled 4.0-litre V8 and the unforgettable seat-of-the-pants driving experience.

Fiat Bravo

We know "it's a Fiat", but the manufacturer is expecting big things from the latest addition to its family and we're inclined to believe that if any Fiat could pull off this feat, Bravo should be it.

Punchy performance and handling in a fabulously crafted Italian package, Bravo gets our bravo!

Honda CR-V

Okay, so the CR-V has several contemporaries that could be considered infinitely better looking, but the more recent introduction of the turbodiesel model gave us even more reason to love this CR-V.

This soft-roader's composure and elegance puts a grin on our collective face every time.


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2007-06-28 13:08

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