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Celebs and their cars

2007-02-05 09:20

Sergio Davids

Hummer H3

What is it about celebrities and their cars that has us all crazy about what the 'supposed elite' are driving?

Some celebs can't seem to get enough of all things vehicular and their dozens of cars are enough to make many car dealers blush. Other celebs can't seem to keep their cars intact for long enough to those new showroom smells to wear off, while others struggle to remain sober behind the wheel.

Wheels24 looks at some A-list local and international celeb rides.

Tom Cruise

He stunned viewers around the world with his bizarre couch-hopping antics and then tied the knot with Dawson's Creek hotty Katie Holmes. With a new addition to the 'TomKat' family, Cruise may be needing a practical family wagon instead of the plethora of vintage sport cars he currently has docked in his garage. With the 'Governator' clamping down on gas guzzlers, Cruise would probably need to think about going 'green' in the near future, lest he incur Arnie's wrath.

  • What he drives: Porsche 911 turbo
  • What we think he should drive: Toyota Prius, Mercedes B class (Well, Katie might want to drive it, too)

    Paris Hilton

    The Gucci-wearing spoilt diva of celebdom manages to kart herself and her precious pooch Tinkerbell round in a pristine Mercedes SLR. When she's not climbing the charts with her catchy single (don't worry we hate ourselves for liking it too), she's out getting busted for binge drinking and driving.

    So, we asked ourselves, what could the Heiress drive to help her in the future?

    Perhaps a hefty double cab with canopy attached? This could prove useful for concealment after another night spent partying. She could simply clamber in and pass out in the loadbox when it all becomes too much for her. She could also get a pimped-out SUV with privacy windows for those more 'intimate' moments when she may need to hide from the paparazzi.

    Maybe a Volkswagen Eos could give her something she appears to be lacking, like a touch of class?

  • What she drives: Mercedes SLR

  • What we think she should drive: Volkswagen Eos, Cadillac Escalade.

    David Beckham

    The squeaky-voiced football heartthrob has pretty much everything one could possibly desire in life, it seems. He has Posh Spice as a wife and a highly lucrative career, though Becks does appear to have fallen on tough times with his recent relegation to the US soccer league.

    The move, coupled with his growing litter, may indicate that Becks needs to say goodbye to his Lamborghini in favour of something a little more practical, such as a Chrysler Grand Voyager. But since he'd also still need to keep up with the Joneses, we'd suggest he get an Audi TT too?

  • What he drives: Lamborghini Gallardo, Bentley Arnage, Mercedes S500, Hummer H2, BMW X5 , Porsche 911, Range Rover, Jaguar XK8, Audi Q7, Aston Martin DB7 (to name but a few?)

  • What we think he should drive: Chrysler Grand Voyager, Audi TT coupé.

    Steve Hofmeyer

    Once the bad boy of Afrikaans music, Steve has toned down his act a lot since the 80s and with more than 8 000 000 albums, a successful TV show and a huge following, love-him-or-hate-him Hofmeyer's status as one of SA top performers cannot be disputed. Cashing in on his 'sokkie treffers' has also enabled him splash out on a new Chrysler 300C.

    Steve would probably need a car to aid him in making a quick getaway from adoring 'panty-tossing' middle-aged housewives. Alternatively, so that he's not mistaken for yet another middle-aged yuppie, we thought Steve could also get behind the wheel of a beastly Audi RS4.

  • What he drives: Chrysler 300C

  • What we think he should drive: Audi RS4, Chevrolet Lumina

    Evita Bezuidenhout

    Loud and proud and always the centre of attention, Evita has charmed her way into the hearts of her public while still managing to be loathed by politicians. Whether it's driving off to some 'larney' function for tea and melktert or simply pottering around her farm, this 'Tannie' would need something befitting her often risqué, but at the same time, caring personality. With the recent launching of her 'Evita for President' campaign, some classy wheels could help her make the perfect entrance.

  • What she drives: Renault Megane

  • What we think she should drive: Toyota Avanza, Hummer H3

    What are some of the cars you'd like to see your favourite celebrities zipping around in?

    Add your comments below.


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