Meet Smokey Nagata

The man behind the legendary twin-turbo V12 Toyota Supra build.

Jeremy Clarkson on lockdown

Clarkson and the guys warn their fans of the importance of staying home during lockdown.


Meet Smokey Nagata - the man behind the legendary twin-turbo V12 Toyota Supra build

2020-03-25 07:00

Kazuhiko Nagata, also known as 'Smokey' worldwide, is a legend in Japanese performance tuning. He is the guy responsible for fitting a V12 engine coupled with a twin-turbo setup into the body of a Toyota Supra.

Car Doctor | Here's why your car might be revving too high - reader

2020-03-23 07:00

Wheels24 reader John Pearson shares an in-depth look at why older vehicles might have a common high-revving problem, and also why the reasoning has an alternative answer in more modern vehicles:

Why it's best to repair a chipped windscreen before winter bites

2020-03-19 15:30

The colder temperatures in the coming months with place more pressure on cracks and chips on your windscreen, so you might want to have them fixed.

WATCH | Could this be the best SA-bound 4X4 tyres for your SUV?

2020-03-12 13:00

With undeniably the most comprehensive range of SUV and 4X4 tyres, Dunlop is bringing in a new product that can literally 'Do More.'

Here are 6 driving habits that could be damaging your car

2020-03-10 07:11

Your driving style could have huge benefits, or disadvantages to your vehicle, and you might not even be aware of it. Here are

OPINION | 4 myths that need to be debunked about SA car dealers - Right2Repair SA responds to NADA

2020-03-07 19:24

'How can freedom of choice, greater transparency in pricing for motor plans, as well as a more extensive selection of service providers ever be negative for the South African consumer?', writes Filum Ho.

Nissan celebrates Godzilla with GT-R 50th Anniversary Edition

04/09/2019 04:30 Nissan has launched the latest edition of its iconic GT-R to celebrate 50 years of the firm's iconic Skyline GT-R. Sean Parker drove the 408kW Japanese performance car in Gauteng.
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