WATCH: Best save ever?

South African Moto2 rider Steven Odendaal pulled off one of the greatest 'saves' in motorsport at the Czech GP.

Honda NC750X – the case for fuel economy

'With the recent double-whammy of financial rating downgrades set to wreak havoc on our economy, however, even bikers are edgy about increased fuel costs,' writes Dries Van der Walt.

WATCH: Harley Davidson to launch first electric motorbike

2018-08-01 17:00

Robin Classen

Image: Press Association

Legendary bike maker Harley Davidson has unveiled plans to launch an electric motorcycle next year, along with a host of radical new models.

The bike, called the Livewire, is the first electric model to be released from the company, with a few urban mobility e-bikes also forming part of the new range.

Going full electric

With all manufacturers going green with full electric vehicles, it was always a case of when and not if Harley-Davidson would follow suit.

WATCH: Peugeot's new fold-out electric bicycle

Everyone knows Harley's for their loud, rumbling sound from the exhaust and the electric version should sound a tad softer but not losing the nostalgia of it.

The concept version of the bike is set to the hit the production line from as early as next year.


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