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SA biker Skinny van Schalkwyk: 'I'm just a girl on two wheels'

2017-08-09 10:00

Skinny Van Schalkwyk

Skinny van Schalkwyk. Image: Jolandi Mentz

'Women are as fiercely competitive as men, as stubbornly independent as cats, and as tough as Toyota bakkies,' says SA biker Skinny van Schalkwyk.

Skinny van Schalkwyk
Age: 40
Years Riding: 13

'I am just a girl that ended up on a tank full of gas mounted on two wheels.'

Biker Skinny van Schalkwyk tells Wheels24 a bit about her journey as a biker, with Billy-Bob her Yamaha R6, by her side.

1. Wheels24: How long have you been riding?

Skinny: "I’ve been riding for over 13 years and have done almost every facet of biking. I’ve raced in the lady’s regional 600cc class (2010), raced in the GOC (2012) and have attended almost every rally in SA ever hosted.

"I’ve done the breakfast run route about a million times and even stunts with my well-known bike – Billy-Bob (Yamaha R6). My biking adventures take me all around the world on crazy, epic, unforgettable trips, which I write about in the Tank Girls newsletter.

2. Wheels24: Why bikes?

Skinny: I ride for the adventure, for the adrenaline, and for the accomplishments. For proving to myself that my body can survive 24hrs of riding. For lying under the stars in the middle of the bush and only fearing the silence. For the incredible friendships formed by the bond of two wheels linked with a seat.

3. Wheels24: What's your take on women as bikers?

Skinny: Motorcycling does not have a sexual preference. As soon as you put a helmet over your head, you are considered a biker, not as a he or a she.

Women are as fiercely competitive as men, as stubbornly independent as cats, and as tough as Toyota bakkies. As long as you have a heart filled with engine oil and 95, you can swing your leg over that frame, twist the throttle and roll on into the sunset.

I have made amazing friends all over the world that has inspired me to inspire others!

4. Wheels24: Who is Billy-Bob?

Skinny: A Yamaha R6 (2004) – the first bike I ever owned. It was love at first sight and his full name is Billy-Bob-The-Blue-Bike.  He has proved his gentle nature over the years. 
He is the most forgiving bike and allows any rider to enjoy his seat. He has accompanied me on most SA rallies and taught me everything I know about track riding. He has helped other chickens to dare their strength at the 600cc regional racing and currently he gallops through the cosmos with me… on his back wheel. The ever willing steed by my side.

Read more about Skinny here.

                                                                 Image: Jolandi Mentz 

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