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Need an epic road trip? 'Look what you're missing' here in SA

2017-07-28 09:15

Warren Ellwood

Image: Kevin van Blerk

Motorcyclist Warren Ellwood speaks about the SA travel show called 'Look What You're Missing', created by a bunch of friends with a passion for travel by motorcycle.

Cape Town - Remember the first day of the school holidays, remember how you felt, how unashamedly happy you were? 
Well, we feel like that every time we climb onto our motorcycles, leave the city and the tar behind, and head off to explore the more remote parts of our beautiful country. 
For most people, these remote areas we like to explore are a never-ending, let’s-get-the-hell-out-of-here expanse of nothing they race past on their way to and from the big cities around the country.  

They’re missing out! 
They’re missing out because some of the most beautiful places in South Africa are to be found at the end of some deserted gravel road, and these off the beaten path places are full of secrets and charm; with a beauty both as hard as rock art and as promising as sunrise. 

                                                                Image: Kevin van Blerk

After years of travelling and exploring on adventure motorcycles, we sat at some remote campsite, fire slowly burning down, gazing off into the starlight sky, after an awesome day spent riding, exploring and meeting people, and one of us said "You cannot explain all this to someone, you have to show them", and so the idea for 'Look What You’re Missing' was born.


What's your best route/road for an epic road trip in SA? Email us

And not only did we want to show people what we were seeing, we wanted to show people what we were experiencing by being there on a motorcycle, because a motorcycle gives you a sense of belonging in any environment, it really is the very best tool to go and collect moments and memories, to see what’s over distant horizons and chase sunsets.

And after all, that’s what life should be about, moments and memories, because in the end, a passport full of stamps is worth more than a big house on the hill. 
Look What You’re Missing is a made for TV documentary series that features the adventures of a group of bikers who explore the ‘roads less travelled’ in South Africa.


This series will also introduce the viewer to the fantastic world of adventure biking or duel sporting. An adventure motorcycle is a street legal motorcycle that is designed for both on and off-road use and is thus able to travel on the fantastic network of gravel roads in our country. Did you know that only 10% of South Africa’s roads are tarred, so if you stick to them, you’ll miss out on 90% of what South Africa has to offer? 
And you don’t have to be a biker to watch it because through the experiences of the presenters themselves, to the many tips, tricks and hordes of useful information featured in each episode, you will experience the enjoyment and excitement of the ride as well as see all the breath-taking views and fantastic places. You will also learn the history and legends of the areas we explore and meet some of the special people we encounter along the way.
The first six episodes produced aired from September to November 2015 and were in fact rebroadcast in anticipation of the second series which aired from May to June 2017, on Channel 189 Ignition on DSTV.
Both series are available for online viewing. 
Click here for Season 1: No password needed.
Click here for Season 2: Password- LWYM123
Visit 'Look what you're Missing' on Facebook or at their website

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