Vespa's haulin' boards 'n bikes

2011-12-07 09:20

Summertime – but if you’re a teenager on a scooter or motorcycle then haulin’ your surfboard ain’t easy.

You’ve seen the youngsters... a Honda 125 with some angle-iron welded into a cradle that wouldn’t pass a roadworthy but is bolted to a bike to carry a board. The answer – if you can ante up the price, which also ain’t easy – would seem to be a Vespa scooter.

The Italian scooter company has come up with two customised, bolt-on carriers for their buzzy machines – one for a surfboard, the other to carry, yes, a bicycle!


Even, Vespa says, in rush-hour traffic – though frankly even the experienced bikers here at Wheels24 would be a trifle wary of doing that...

Vespa says the outrageously unique – but functional – Vespa bicycle and surfboard racks are made of light stainless-steel tubing and designed to mount on existing points on the Vespa’s chassis.

“The racks will bolt on – or off – in minutes,” the company says, and adds... “don’t think these add-ons will compromise your riding pleasure. To the contrary, the racks are ergonomic and smart and will not decrease your ability to manoeuvre through traffic with your surfboard or bicycle snug by your side.”

“With Vespa you can get the most out of your surfing session as you avoid wasting time and energy walking to the beach with your board under your arm.

“Simply park in close range of the good surf, hop off your Vespa and voila! Surf’s up."

SPARE WHEELS: If cycling is your passion, bolt a cycle rack to your Vespa and head out with the peloton - or to the mountains for something a little rougher..

If, however, cycling is your passion, then a Vespa with a bicycle rack could be part of the peloton, travelling alongside with the cyclists and carrying a back-up bike.

Or use your Vespa to meet your mountain-biking mates out in the country, cool and ready to ride.

And the best part is, if you don’t feel like riding around with your rack attached to your Vespa, remove and re-attach it quickly and easily.
To get your customised rack, call Trevor at Vespa on 083 274-6367 or 011 440-7649. Or try 0861 VESPA (which is 0861 83772).