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Vespa or Segway? Why not both!

2014-01-07 21:09

BEL & BEL's NEW DESIGN: Vespa or Segway? Now you can have both as Catalonian company think outside of the box. Image: Bel & Bel / Maxihobby


2013 Worst scooter rider yet

2013-05-23 15:02

We may have found the worst rider yet. Watch as one scooter rider hits four vehicles in succession on the same stretch of road, not mention falling into a massive hole in the road.

BARCELONA, Spain – Bel & Bel, a Catalonian company has managed to mate the parts of two very different companies to make the Zero Scooter, according to the London Daily Mail.

Capturing the look and feel of both vehicles by using panels from the iconic Vespa Piaggio scooter and the shape and frame of the Segway, the 'Zero Scooter' can be customised in different colours and can be bought for around R42 000.


The self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle that was first unveiled in 2001. The Spanish scooter is electric, built by hand and can be customised by colour and finish, as well as by adding logos.

The Mail reports the vehicle has a top speed of 20km/h and can carry 180kg.

The master minds behind this innovative design claim it is the only scooter able to climb slopes up to 30° and can turn 360° on the spot thanks to its two independent motors.

Thanks to its two electric motors the scooter is environmentally friendly and virtually silent, despite resembling a classic petrol scooter designed in 1946.


Its designers claim it is easier to use than an ordinary Segway as the personal vehicle does not move underfoot or lean when a person first climbs on, instead remaining completely stable.

The steering column can be adjusted to suit people of different heights and the designers believe the machine can be mastered in just 10 minutes – from moving forward, turning, and stopping.

Available from Maxihobby, the production time for the vehicle is around 15 days, but the company typically takes around six weeks to complete a vehicle from start to delivery, Inventor Spot reported.

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