Shark adds bite to new helmets

2011-11-17 07:54

French company Shark has launched a collection of crash helmets for 2012 at the international motorcycle show in Milan.

The focus of the event was a new helmet - The Speed –R (pictured) replaces the Shark RSI range for the new season but new colour graphics were added to existing product.


Over the past year the French company has completely overhauled its look with the introduction of three fibre helmets; Race –R Pro, Race –R, Vision –R. The Speed –R is the new fibre composite kid on the block.

It was developed using computer tech to ensure sufficient ventilation and the back of the helmet has a double-bladed spoiler to encourage air to flow through the helmet. Another spoiler on the rear base which stabilises the helmet and cancels out uncomfortable movements normally generated by rough aerodynamics at high speed.

The immediate effect of this is, Shark says, is no air turbulence inside the helmet and a greater stability at steady speed.


As with the Race –R range of helmets, Shark adds, the Speed –R has "an impressive optically correct field of vision thanks to the varied thickness of the visor, 4.25mm thickness in the middle to 3mm at the sides".

There are four anchor safety lock points on the visor, also anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings.  Other features include a double D-fastening ring, sunshield, Easy Fit system for wearers with glasses and a weight of 1450g.

The Speed -R will be available in some markets in January; the UK price is equivalent to about R3000.

New graphics have also been added over the models with additions to the Race –R, Vision –R, S700, S600, Evoline and the RSJ series.

  • Vernon - 2011-11-17 12:24

    Shark has always made a great helmet ,But have they got rid of there wind noise ,i have two sharks ,but stopped buying them due to the wind noise.

      Maarten - 2011-11-17 12:44

      True, fantastic helmets but very noisy. Not just the cheaper domes either.

      shaine.gordon - 2011-11-17 14:01

      the RSI for example is pretty loud regarding wind noise, but it is not intended as a comfort helmet. besides, you should be using earplugs anyway, and then the wind noise becomes a non issue, well that is what I found with my RSI

      nbasson - 2011-11-17 15:55

      What Shaine said, always ride with earplugs.

  • Willie - 2011-11-17 12:47

    Interesting. Would love to test these at high velocity to see the effect of the airflow as the unstability is quite immense with certain helmets.

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