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Safe riding: Biker's action call

2013-10-16 09:56


RUNNING THE GAUNTLET: Wheels24 reader SCHALK COETZEE calls on all road users to be more aware and courteous. Image: AFP

"Biker born, biker bred. When I die, I’ll be biker dead." Wheels24 reader SCHALK COETZEE shares his advice and experiences for SA road users.

"Biker born, Biker bred. When I die, I’ll be biker dead"

That’s the creed that all bikers live by and I’ve added those words my own philosophy: When I wake up in the morning and it is not raining, I put on a helmet and ride (be it for work or play).

In order to not dwell on past matters and/or the stigma attached to bikers, I thought I’d share my story.


I was not part of a biker fraternity since and actually started riding three years ago. To many this will mean that I am a novice but I can prove all the skeptics wrong as I have had my fair share of close shaves on the road and still experience this daily.

I have some safety advice for road users:

Please don't text or answer  phone calls until you have come to a stop at your destination or you’re in a safe place. By calling and/or texting you’re not paying attention to your side mirrors and only look ahead for traffic policing the area. This can have a disastrous effect on bikers, whether they’re riding a scooter or sports bike, since passing becomes extremely dangerous as the rider is invisible.

Please use your side mirrors and watch your blind spots. I am not an educator (yet) but isn’t this one of the crucial parts of a learners test?

All of this doesn’t mean that bikers are innocent:

To those bikers that believe the road is a raceway, especially those travelling above the speed limit, slow down! You don’t give yourself, nor other road users enough time to react when you’re travelling above the speed limit. It’s not only illegal but the faster you travel, especially on a bike, the more your peripheral vision is reduced when you’re “dodging” traffic. It doesn’t make sense.


Once again, I am not an educator but pleading as a fellow road user that we look out for each other.

The stigma that bikers face every day is unfair and therefore this is a plight as to ensure that like me, all road users can look out for each other.

To sum it all up in the smallest nut shell possible - Safe motoring, no matter how many wheels you are turning.

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