SA bikers ride for greener future

2012-10-19 11:54

MIDRAND - More than 600 BMW GS motorcycles will ride across the Free State, to participate in the second annual BMW GS Eco.

The BMW GS Eco event sees hundreds of riders traveling across the province and culminates in the German automaker donating one tree for every motorcyle entered to the Food & Trees For Africa (FTFA) charity.


Rob Holder, general manager of BMW Motorrad SA, said: “The “BMW GS” concept has always embodied riding pleasure and the desire for adventure. With the BMW GS Eco event we are offering our customers the opportunity to be adventurous and explore some of the most remote corners of our country.

“As part of the event, BMW Motorrad will donate one tree for every motorcycle entered to the Food & Trees For Africa’s program “Trees for Homes.”

BMW will donate 600 trees to the community of Kanana in the Grasmere area of the Vaal region. The handover will take place on October 18 2012 in Clocolan.

Edwin Makushu, part of the BMW Trees for Homes project and "Ecopreneur" at FTFA,  said: “There are only 300 houses presently occupied in Kanana and the department of housing is still in the process of allocating more units to the community and we hope that the units will be occupied before December 2012.”

Makushu says 300 trees will initially be distributed to launch the project and once houses are occupied the remaining 300 trees will be distributed.

The event takes place from October 18 to October 21 2012.

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  • freek.vn - 2012-10-19 13:10

    I may be stupid, but doesn't the CO2 emissions of the 600 bikes in the second annual BMW GS Eco ride cancel out the benefit of the 600 trees?

      lourensenchrisna - 2012-10-19 14:07

      Yes of course it will, but the trees will live for many years and over time the CO2 of the bikes will be nullified. Also keep in mind these are not Italian/English bikes so no oil will be spilt either.

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