SA Off-Road Junior champs crowned

2011-10-11 19:21

The Mvoti Barkbuster Junior National, seventh and final round of the 2011 South African Junior National Off-road championship, was characterised by close racing and drama as champions and class winners were crowned near Greytown in kwaZulu-Natal.

In the Senior Open Quad Class Dustin Ledwick (KTM) won the battle, but a fourth place was enough for Matthew Barnard (KTM) to claim the "Number One" plate for the season. Nicky Lombard (Suzuki) suffered technical woes and settled for second place ahead of Jaco Moller (Suzuki) who finished third.

Elanie Van den Berg won the Ladies Quad Class, but a second place finish for Elrica Herbst (Yamaha) was enough to clinch the 2011 title.


In the Senior Motorcycle Class (250cc), Wade Young (Yamaha) already won the championship, but rounded off his season with a sixth victory with Michael Pentacost (Yamaha) playing second fiddle. Robin Hudson (Yamaha) finished in third ahead of Andrew Wren (Yamaha) and Roan Lindsay (KTM) rounding off the top five.

Regular 125cc competitor Nicolai Conci (Honda) competed for the first time this season in the 250cc class and finished sixth beating Gerald Campher (KTM) by 20 seconds.

The 125cc Motorcycle Class title already belonged to Young’s team mate, Blake Gutzeit who added a fifth victory this his tally this season. Travis Teasdale (Yamaha) was a mere 4.062 seconds behind Gutzeit and finished in second ahead of Tristan Edmunds (Yamaha) and Brett Swanepoel (Yamaha) in third and fourth place respectively.

The rest finished a lap behind with Yamaha rider Damien Scott in fifth.

LEGEND CONTINUES: Bradley Cox, son of SA motoring legend Alfie Cox, powers his way to win the Junior 85cc Class.

Senior 85cc Motorcycle Class champion, Angus Coetzee (Yamaha) had to settle for 11th due to mechanical woes, despite winning all previous events. Jason Helm (Honda) raced to victory and was followed by Cullim Symmons (Suzuki) who competed for the second time this season in the national series. Dylan McGovern (Yamaha) ensured his second place finish for the season in the class by finishing third druing the race. Duncan de Beer (Yamaha) and Wesley Liversage (Honda) round off the top five.

In the junior category of the series, motocross ace Bradley Cox (KTM), son of off-road racing legend, Alfie Cox, cleaned up the Junior 85cc Class beating Brendon Fourie (Yamaha) by over 17 minutes. Despite trailing behind during the race Fourie won the title. Calvin Hume (Yamaha) took third place with Keagan Coetzee (KTM) in fourth place.

QUAD BATTLE: Dustin Ledwick (KTM) wins the Senior Open Quad Class.

The 65cc Motorcycle Class saw KTM riders dominate the race. Tristan Asher-Wood claimed first place, Matthew Green in second and Kayde Mante finish in third. Sam Stevenson finished fourth while the season’s class winner, Erik Merry (KTM) placed fifth.

On four wheels Brandon Darlow (Yamaha) claimed his fourth consecutive victory in the Junior Modified Quad Class beating the newly crowned champion, Pandelis Kafaltis (Arctic Cat) by 27 seconds. Morné Fourie (Arctic Cat) finished in third ahead of Wilru Pienaar (Suzuki) and Hein van Gessellen (Suzuki).

Jade Schutte (Yamaha) achieved his first victory as he won the Junior Open Quad Class beating Kenan Kotze (Yamaha) and Amanda du Plessis (Yamaha). Kotze has won this class for the season.

The Junior National championship will resume early in 2012.

CRUISING TO VICTORY: Wade Young Senior (Yamaha) dominated the season and claimed the 2011 250cc Motorcycle Class title.

Senior Open Quad Class results
1 Dustin Ledwick (KTM)
2 Nicky Lombard (Suzuki)
3 Jaco Moller (Suzuki)
4 Matthew Barnard (KTM)
5 Tinus Bredenkamp (Can-Am)
6 Jamie Fensham (Can-Am)
7 Dino do Amaral (KTM
8 Neil Potgieter (Suzuki)
9 Elanie van den Berg (Kawasaki)

Senior Motorcycle Class (250cc)
1 Wade Young (Yamaha)
2 Michael Pentacost (Yamaha)
3 Robin Hudson (Yamaha)
4 Andrew Wren (Yamaha)
5 Roan Lindsay (KTM)
6 Nicolai Conci (Honda)
7 Gerald Campher (KTM)
8 Karel Hattingh (Yamaha)
9 Brandon Youell (KTM)
10 Ruan Smith (Yamaha)

Senior 125cc Motorcycle Class
1 Blake Gutzeit (Suzuki)
2 Travis Teasdale (Yamaha)
3 Tristan Edmunds (Yamaha)
4 Brett Swanepoel (Yamaha)
5 Damien Scott (Yamaha)
6 Shannon Rawlins (Yamaha)
7 Byron McNeil (KTM)
8 Gerhard Grove (KTM)
9 Corbin Lamb (Yamaha)
10 Cameron Becker (Yamaha)

Senior 85cc Motorcycle Class
1 Jason Helm (Honda)
2 Cullim Symmons (Suzuki)
3 Dylan McGovern (Yamaha)
4 Duncan de Beer (Yamaha)
5 Wesley Liversage (Honda)
6 BJ Scholtz (Honda)
7 Dylan Barker (Yamaha)
8 David Matthews (Yamaha)
9 Regardt van Nieuwenhuizen (KTM)
10 Aeron Thompson (KTM)
11 Angus Coetzee (Yamaha)

Junior 85cc Class
1 Bradley Cox (KTM),
2 Brendon Fourie (Yamaha)
3 Calvin Hume (Yamaha)
4 Keagan Coetzee (KTM)
5 Travis Behrens (Yamaha)
6 Rory Lutz (Yamaha)
7 Dean Lindsay (Kawasaki)

65cc Motorcycle Class
1 Tristan Asher-Wood (KTM)
2 Matthew Green (KTM)
3 Kayde Mante (KTM)
4 Sam Stevenson (KTM)
5 Erik Merry (KTM)
6 Stefan van Deventer (KTM)
7 Maarten van Jaarsveld (Kawasaki)

Junior Modified Quad Class
1 Brandon Darlow (Yamaha)
2 Pandelis Kafaltis (Arctic Cat)
3 Morné Fourie (Arctic Cat)
4 Wilru Pienaar (Suzuki)
5 Hein van Gessellen (Suzuki)
6 Christopher Petersen (Yamaha)
7 Shaun Smith (Honda)