Radical BMW scoots on way to SA

2012-07-23 08:34

BMW will to preview its new maxi-scooters, the C600 Sport and C650 GT, at the AMiD national motorcycle show, to held at the Nasrec Expo Centre in Gauteng.

This will not be the first time that BMW has entered the scooter market, though the automaker’s  previous C1 is a far cry from the high-powered new range.

The C1, manufactured from 2000 to 2003 and powered by either a 125cc or 200cc Rotax engine, featured a windscreen/roll cage design that meant that it was not necessary for the rider to wear a crash helmet. Unfortunately, it disappeared from world markets without any real explanation from BMW.


The new models are powered by a 650cc twin-cylinder engine capable of 44kW and driving the rear wheel through a continuously variable transmission (CVT) - just like the C1.

The new model has anti-lock brakes - as will all new BMW motorcycles henceforth - and rides on 15" wheels. A parking brake operates when the sidestand is pushed down and the under-seat stowage on the GT model can be expanded to 60 litres to accommodate two helmets, if necessary.

The two models are aimed at specific buyers - the C600 Sport for those seeking a sporty ride, the C650 GT at riders seeking comfort and touring ability. Just as a guide, their respective prices in the UK are roughly R118 000 and R122 000.

The AMiD national motorcycle show will run from August 24-26 at the Nasrec Expo Centre south of central Johannesburg.

C 600 Sport UK brochure.
C 650 GT UK brochure.


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