Yamaha readies edgy Tmax scooter

2011-12-12 14:15

Hot on the heels of Honda’s Integra scooter comes the 2012 version of Yamaha’s Tmax large scooter.

Unlike Honda, however, Yamaha is staying true to the original concept of this model without any attempt to move it up a rung or two towards maxi scooter status.


Most notable in the upgrades over its predecessor is the updated bodywork, which looks a lot edgier now while maintaining the elegance of previous Tmax models.

On a practical level the 2012 model is also treated to dual projector beam headlamps, a spectacular instrument cluster and a mean swingarm.

Power from the liquid-cooled 530cc twin engine has remained unchanged at 34kW but thanks to a host of lightweight components used in its construction, the new levels of torque (now peaking at 53Nm) is all the more noticeable.