What a Mission! Got R560 000?

2013-06-07 07:27

SAN FRANCISCO, California - Electric power is the constant buzz and even motorcycles have not been left untouched. Mission Motorcycles has unveiled two new machines: the Mission RS and Mission R.

San Francisco-based Mission says they are the most advanced on the market but getting your hands on the RS will prove difficult since only 40 will be available globally.


The R, however, will be mass-produced and cheaper than its more exclusive sister.

The Mission RS is the baby of the Mission R prototype race bike that took first place at a 2011 Laguna Seca electric-vehicle race event and explains why only 40 units will be assembled: it's to celebrate Steve Rapp's 40-second lead.

The prototype was unveiled in 2010 by Mission Motors and looks very much like it, except for its 2013 specs.

Both models are hand-built in the US and powered by a 120kW electric motor called ‘Infinite Drive’ with a 17kWh lithium-ion battery pack giving the bikes a riding range of 225km. The Mission R will also be available as less-expensive 12kWh and 15kWh versions.

Power figures are rated at 181Nm at 6400rpm and more than 150kW with a top speed of around 240km/h. The zero-100 sprint takes less than three seconds with a terminal speed of 241km/h.

The custom chassis designed by James Parker delivers feedback and control that outperforms anything in its class and was designed and built around the stressed InfiniteDrive motor and battery units. It's said to deliver the agility of a superbike.


Both bikes have the same on-board charger and Mission Motorcycles claims it to be "the most advanced on-board charger yet designed for two wheels". A full charge takes two hours.

The bikes also have a fully digital instrument cluster served by a computer system called ‘Mission OS’. Highlights on the touch screen include a satnav, communications, ride data, GPS and Bluetooth, and track-mode settings.

Mission Motorcycle owners will receive frequent updates and improvements to features via internet.

The flagship RS will be available from mid-2014 and sell in the US for the equivalent of R561 600. The Mission R will only go on sale after all 40 RS models are sold and cost the equivalent of R299 000. These prices are inclusive of the US tax credit reduction of about R25 000 for a battery-powered vehicle.