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Royal Enfield lets fly with Fury

2010-11-29 10:33

FURY: Royal Enfield launches its Fury at the Carole Nash Motorcycle Live Show in Birmingham

More than half a century after Royal Enfield first launched the Fury the company has launched a second chapter in the legendary bike’s story at the 2010 Carole Nash Motorcycle Live Show in Birmingham, England.

The history of the original Fury dates back to 1959 when Royal Enfield built 200 for the US market, with production seizing just a year later in 1960. Now Royal Enfield is resurrecting the Fury.

The modern take on the flat track-inspired classic will be powered by a 500cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine based on the Electra’s mill. Its styling was taken care of by Royal Enfield importer Watsonian Squire.


The first Fury bikes are expected in British showrooms in early 2011 with prices starting at £5500 (R61 000). It will be available in black or blue and white. Although the Fury is primarily aimed at the UK market, the company is looking at exports.

Royal Enfield's sales director Ben Matthews explained: “Following the introduction of the new fuel-injected engine Royal Enfield appeals to a younger and more image-conscious customer base. We've been working on the Fury for 12 months to produce a machine for this group of riders.”

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