Pack a Bagger, kiss home g'bye

2013-03-12 12:59

Now here's a big cruiser that should delight fans of long-distance riding - it's the much talked-about Gold Wing F6B Bagger and it's just been cleared for sale in the UK.

The public, Honda UK, demanded it so the sales team there capitulated. And sorry, not so yet in South Africa, but we can dream, hey?

The Gold Wing F6B is a new breed of Gold Wing that sits alongside the original. Stripped, stylish and smooth, part-custom, part-cruiser, the Gold Wing F6B is all 'Bagger': a touring bike distilled to its very essence.


"It flows fluidly from front to rear with striking design features throughout," Honda UK gushes. "The twin-spar aluminium frame provides strength and delivers a great-handling motorcycle, as do 45mm anti-dive telescopic forks and Pro-Link rear suspension.

"Built to be at home in the city as well as on the open road, the Gold Wing F6B is lighter – 28kg lighter - than the Gold Wing GL1800 – yet with the same chassis, power and incredible torque."

It's such features, Honda UK believes, that have captured the imagination of UK bikers and led to growing pressure from prospective customers there.

There will, however, be only a limited number of Gold Wing F6B models for the UK and these will be available only to order and only from some dealers. Interested parties should contact their local dealer for further information.

The F6B is due on sale in the UK in July 2013 and will be priced at £19 199 on the road - about R261 000 (03/13 rates).