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2013-01-28 14:17

Sporting an all new design, engine and transmission, the new Honda Integra combines the simplicity of a city scooter with the handling and dynamics of a motorcycle.

The Integra takes its name from the integration of both scooter and performance motorcycle elements. It has a feet-forward riding position, protection from the elements, storage compartments and the option of an auto box. According to Honda, “it offers stability and handling not found on a scooter".


The models sports a new liquid-cooled, in-line two-cylinder 670cc engine capable of 38kW at 6250rpm and 62Nm at a torque peak of 4750rpm.

The engine is coupled with Honda’s second generation dual clutch auto with optional manual mode. In manual, the rider can shift gears using triggers mounted on the left handlebar, while the auto offers two settings - 'S' for sporty riding and 'D' for urban and highway use.

With its 14-litre tank, the model has a range of nearly 400km.

The model has upgraded suspension, CBS and ABS, large-diameter 17" wheels and wide 120/70 front and 160/60 rear wheels and tyres to enhance the riding experience.

The Integra takes design cues from the Mid Concept, shown at the 2010 Milan motorcycle show, blending the riding position of a scooter with assertive lines inspired in part by sport motorcycles.

Despite its slim proportions, the Integra has a 15-litre stowage, which the automaker rates is large enough to hold a Demi-Jet open-face helmet or waterproof suit.


Together with the fuel filler cap, this space is accessed using a key to unlock and flip up the seat. The main fairing also offers a second, smaller storage compartment, ideal for tickets, wallet or mobile phone.

A power socket is provided, to allow the use of accessories such as a mobile phone charger or navigation system.

The low seat height (790mm) ensures control, even during low-speed manoeuvres. Twin grab rails, one on each side of the rear seat, further reassure the passenger, as do the secure and retractable rear footrest.

The Integra’s instrument display includes a digital speedometer and tachometer, a clock, fuel meter and two trip meters.

The 2013 model will be available in black, white, metallic blue and red.

Optional equipment includes a pannier kit which increases luggage to 29 litres. Other kit includes Pannier colour panel, inner bag, large top box (35-40 litres) with inner bag, leg deflector, alarm kit. Customers can also order heated grips and outdoor cover and a U-lock.
All specifications are provisional and subject to change without notice.

Honda Integra scooter - R79 900
Honda Intergra Traveller - R91 900 (Includes a colour coded top box and side panniers)

Service intervals are 12 000km and, according to Integra, the spark plugs only require replacing at 48 000km.

  • lourensenchrisna - 2013-01-28 15:03

    For a moment there I thought it is going to get the 1200 engine as it looks very close to the new Honda 1200 cross tourer with shaft drive. Why would anyone want a manual scooter? Yes I know this is without a real clutch and you just need to shift, but still, is fully auto not better suited to a scooter?

      dave.gunning.33 - 2013-01-29 11:33

      Hello Lourens, I hope you are well. The Integra is a fully Automatic model, with the option of "Manual" overide with the aid of DCT buttons placed on the left handlebar, It has 2 modes, D for basic Auto, S, "sport" with more aggresive downchange and upchange, (Holds the revs higher on upchange, and on the downchange), and then the option of a manual overide if you feel th need. I hope this clears up any confusion regarding the DCT application on our new INTEGRA - Regards Dave Gunning - Honda Motor Southern Africa.

      lourensenchrisna - 2013-01-29 15:11

      Thanks Dave, bike(scooter) looks awesome and compared to the BMW scooters your pricing is extremely good.

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