Honda NC750X – the case for fuel economy

'With the recent double-whammy of financial rating downgrades set to wreak havoc on our economy, however, even bikers are edgy about increased fuel costs,' writes Dries Van der Walt.

WATCH: Bike almost squashes rider

The British MotoGP was reduced to 19 laps after it was halted following a brutal first-lap collision between Loris Baz and Pol Espargaro.

Fashionable Fido - simple wheels

2011-03-16 08:22

VERSATILE: The Fido electric scooter from Fremont Motor offers a versatile alternative to conventional two-wheel bikes.

Meet Fido, the most elegant electric scooter we’ve yet laid our eyes on. Even more beautiful is the fact that the design of this scooter isn’t all pretty lines without any substance – there is a very practical thread running through the entire concept.
Take the uniquely designed wheels... They’re exactly the same size so you can use the same size tyre for the front and rear and swap them around to increase their lifespan.

To further bolster practical appeal, both wheels are single-sided (like on a car), making for a quick tyre-change job which just requires loosening the four bolts.

What’s our favourite bit? No, it’s not the battery pack which hides in the flat floor and comes with suitcase-like wheels and a handle for easy transport to an indoor plug. It’s the fact that this stylish scooter is virtually maintenance-free.

Apart from two wheel bearings, levers for the brakes and a simplistic suspension set-up, there are no moving parts – which results in very low maintenance bills.

Power comes from of a 5.2kW electric motor which is good for a 72km/h top speed. Aided by a supplementary battery pack (which locks to the bike and can be carried like a backpack) the scooter will trot for 113km.

The Fido has been designed and created by Jeb Gast from Fremont Motors in Seattle. Gast will initially build five prototypes before kicking off production.   

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