Brutal(e) naked bike revealed

2010-07-06 07:11

The latest offering from MV Agusta will be a specialist track-only version of its Brutale 1090RR naked bike called the Cannonball.
The latest from MV Agusta is a bit of an odd one. The company pitches the Brutale Cannonball as a specialist track-only version of the Brutale 1090RR which was launched last year. And to that effect the company whacked another 15kW on top of its maximum power output – now a mighty 123kW.

Rather considerate then of the Italian manufacturer to add lights and indicators to a track-only model. Still, we think the Cannonball certainly looks the part – especially with the GP-style exhaust.

MV Agusta has remained tight-lipped on the cost of the new Brutale, but you can bet your vuvuzela it will be a lot more than the standard Brutale 1090RR’s already hefty price tag.


  • Biker Mouse from Mars - 2010-09-09 14:04

    Sounds as beautiful as it looks! Perfection

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