New Bosch ABS - built for bikes

2011-07-18 08:03

Bosch has revealed its ninth-generation anti-lock brakes – specifically developed for motorcycles.

Considering nearly 5000 motorcyclists were killed in accidents in Europe during 2010 and of those 47% were attributed to hesitant or incorrect brake inputs, Bosch’s product development personal realised a mechanical engineering solution simply had to be found.

Traditional anti-lock systems were regarded as too cumbersome for motorcycles – primarily due to the design simply being evolved from cars. The old argument that ABS added too much weight to a motorcycle is no longer valid.


Tobias Fluck, a Bosch technician responsible for for motorcycle ABS, explained: "At 400cc in volume and only 700g in weight, the current Bosch 'generation nine' is half the size and weight of its predecessor. This makes it the world's smallest motorcycle ABS."

Bosch has developed three versions of the motorcycle-specific system and offers them in builds ranging from basic to one with an electronic combined-brake system being used by Kawasaki, BMW, Ducati and KTM.

The European car market has been mandated to make ABS standard since 2004 but only 16% of motorcycles built and delivered to riders during 2010 had the feature. The European Union transport commission is forcing bikemakers to include ABS on all bikes by 2017.

Bosch’s 'ABS 9 enhanced', the most sophisticated bike ABS, has eCBS - an electronic combined brake system to synchronise front/rear braking and so help a rider to brake hard without losing steering control, with either the hand or foot brake.

Then again, for the company which built and developed the original ABS system (back in 1978), would one expect anything less?

  • Papeslaai - 2011-07-18 14:42

    The modulator for the ABS on my BMW K1200RS packed up (a common problem on BMW) and at R25,000 to replace it, I had the brakes converted to normal brakes.

  • RacingShark - 2011-07-19 16:33

    ABS on bikes has my vote

  • ricardo - 2011-08-17 11:39

    i have the cbr 600rr abs people abs is a must you will not regret it it cost me r5000.00 to add not 25000.00 and i will never buy a bike whithout it.saved my life already

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