‘Game-changing’ Duke on way

2012-09-26 21:32

Ducati has announced details of its 2013 Multistrada family that includes a new Granturismo model described by the Italian motorcycle maker as "four-bikes-in-one".

Changes for the 2013 model year include a range of innovative technical features, a few styling tweaks and the use of a new Ducati Skyhook Suspension (DSS) system. The second-generation, 112kW Testastretta 11-degree DS engine – developed from the engine used in the 1199 Panigale’s Superquadro – and the latest Bosch three-level anti-lock braking system are also listed as some of the Multistrada’s new features.


There are four riding modes – Sport, Touring, Urban and Enduro – that allow for instant adjustment of the power and torque delivery along with the adjustment of suspension settings, traction control and the brakes.

The new touring flagship in the Multistrada range is the 1200 S Granturismo with increased pannier capacity, additional diode illumination, 20mm higher handlebars, better slipstream protection and a "performance comfort Seat", while the 1200 S Pikes Peak is a sportier version modeled as a replica of the 2012 racer complete with racing livery.

All S versions are equipped with electronic 48mm Sachs front forks and a single rear shock hooked to the DSS system. It uses a semi-active suspension management regime, working through a range of sensors, to constantly adjusts the damping to suit the road conditions.

Using the same processor that controls the ABS of the 1199 Panigale superbike, the system integrates with Ducati’s four-bikes-in-one riding concept by dividing its features into a three-level system.

Level one provides maximum performance for off-road use and enables the rider to drift the rear-end under braking with a pre-set number of seconds of front only ABS. Level two provides an appropriate combined front/rear balance and no lift-up detection for Sport riding, while level three provides the best security management for Touring and Urban use.


The front brakes use twin radially-mounted Brembo four piston, two pad callipers to grip 320mm discs while a single 245mm disc on the rear with a single Brembo caliper. All 2013 Multistrada models are fitted with the Bosch-Brembo ABS system as standard equipment although it can be disabled.

The Sport, Touring, Urban or Enduro Riding Modes can be changed while either stationary or in motion, as well as load settings for “rider only”, “rider with luggage”, “rider and passenger” (or pillion) or “rider and passenger with luggage”. This is adjusted via the set-up menus accessed through the high-visibility LCD.

The main LCD displays data for speed, revs per minute, gear, total mileage, trip1/trip2, engine coolant temperature, fuel level and time. When the motorcycle is in motion, the dot-matrix LCD displays the selected riding mode, remaining fuel/distance, current fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, average speed, air temperature, trip time, and a “freezing conditions” alarm.

When stationary, buttons on the left-hand switchgear can be used to enter a setting menu for a number of functions, including personalised traction control and brake settings.

Also new is an electronic key that functions within a range of two metres and doubles as a flip-key used to open the seat and fuel tank cap.