Ducati's Stradatour roadshow

2013-03-26 11:02

Multistrada Touring S, Multistrada Granturismo, Diavel Strada... Touring on a Ducati for many would be a dream adventure. In 2013, the Italian automaker makes this dream a reality with its Strada range of motorcycles.

Ducati is offering potential customers test rides to evaluate the bikes touring and long distance appeal.


The Stradatour is an evolution of the popular Ducati Roadshow that has run over the last three years covering the length and breadth of the UK. In 2013, the Stradatour will consist of 33 events beginning on April 6 and running until August 4 and will feature extended rides up to a maximum of one and half hours.

The Stradatour fleet consists of the Multistrada Touring S and the Multistrada Granturismo. The 2013 line-up also includes the Hyperstrada and the Diavel Strada.

The Hyperstrada is an evolution of the Hypermotard blending together the worlds of motard and touring to provide thrills on demand and the practicality of a touring bike. It features panniers, centre stand, touring screen, touring seat as well as the Ducati Safety Pack that includes ABS and traction control as standard.

Ducati describes the Diavel "as a cruiser with sports bike performance". The Diavel Strada sports higher handlebars, touring screen, touring seat, heated grips and side luggage as well as the riding modes and ABS and traction control found standard on other Diavel models.