Ducati week: Here's where it's at

2011-12-02 07:49

BOLOLGNA, Italy - The long-awaited dates and location for the 2012 World Ducati Week have been confirmed for passionate Ducati fans all over the world.

The confirmation was announced during Ducati’s 2012 model year media conference at the Milan International Motorcycle Show as June 21-24, 2012 at the Misano race circuit in Italy.


The  first such event was organised in 1998 to bring together Ducatisti from all over the world to celebrate their shared passion for the legendary Italian motorcycles.

The event has since attracted an ever-increasing attendance of people who enjoy the high-powered fun and community spirit of the iconic brand; a record-breaking attendance of 60 000 from five continents and 28 countries was recorded at the previous event in 2010.

WDW2012 is sure to follow the tried-and-tested formula of track events, shows, top riders, competitions and great music all combined under the incredible atmosphere created by thousands of motorcycles arriving from all around the globe.

As the event’s huge attendance is sure to invade the entire Riviera Romagnola, Ducati’s WDW2012 organisation has enjoyed the close co-operation and special partnership of authorities such as the Province of Rimini, Municipality of Misano, Municipality of Cattolica, Municipality of Riccione and the Republic of San Marino.

Continued co-operation with the Leardini Group has also underlined the region’s Misano circuit as the "theatre" for WDW, an event further supported by APT Emilia Romagna, promoting a region of Italy famously known as Motor Valley.