Chrome is where the heart is

2011-11-22 11:11

Triumph - more specifically Mike Hopkins Motorcycles - has moved from a cramped shop in Bree Street, Cape Town to bigger and better premises on Roeland Street, central Cape Town.

Embracing a Triumph World Store set-up means Hopkins and his staff are now much better-equipped to talk Triumph, along with the Kawasaki and PGO brands they also deal in.


Chatting to Mike I learned that Triumph is the only brand showing any real growth; not even the Japanese manufacturers can match it. Their main plant is still in the UK but there are three more in Thailand to handle assembly... oh, and the Triumph brand is a year older than Harley-Davidson!

Most of the 25 new bikes planned by Triumph (including an all-new Trophy) will find their way to Roeland Street in the next few months. Riding clobber of every description, including lots of Triumph-branded gear, along with servicing of the above-mentioned brands can now be undertaken at Hopkins's new shop. His number is (021) 461-5167.