Zero Motorcycles sides with TTXGP

2009-12-09 10:33

Leading electric bike manufacturer, Zero Motorcycles, has announced the creation of its first street racing team and plans to enter the upcoming 2010 TTXGP electric motorcycle race series.

This decision is of special significance in the light of the International Motorcycle Federation’s (FIM) recent announcement that instead of supporting the TTXGP efforts to create one electric race series, it will start its e-Power series.

 Zero has indicated that its race-ready motorcycle will be using the same Z-Force powertrain technology that is currently used in its production electric motorcycles. Few additional details have been released on the development of Zero’s race bike, but it has been hinted that many of the design cues will come from the production Zero S street motorcycle.

TTXGP is the world’s first “zero carbon and zero emissions” motorcycle race series. The inaugural TTXGP race took place on the historic Isle of Man TT course in June 2009 and will return again in June 2010 with the addition of a new race class.

The first TTXGP race in the 2010 season will be the TTXGP North America Championships at Infineon in Sonoma, California on May 14 - 16.

“Electric motorcycles are powerful, exciting and available now. There is no race that highlights electric motorcycle technology more than the TTXGP and we are excited to support their efforts with our own racing team,” said Gene Banman, CEO of Zero Motorcycles. 

“We have identified a series of strategic partners for this program and will be making announcements shortly about their involvement.”

Zero Motorcycles is not a stranger to competitive racing. Recently, Zero Motorcycles took first place in a sanctioned motocross race (finishing third overall in points for the series), in France hosted by the French Federation of Motorcycles. The Zero MX beat more than 200 competitors on traditional 450cc petrol motorcycles in a fierce competition.

Zero’s Z-Force technology includes its patent pending Z-Force power pack which is capable of delivering “a tremendous amount of energy from a highly compact and lightweight system”. It also includes a newly announced Z-Force Air Induction system that allows Zero to “fully leverage their power pack’s capabilities by dispersing excess motor heat”. This development also paves the way for Zero to increase performance in upcoming models.

“We've spent four years developing the Z-Force electric power train technology for high performance dirt and street riding. We’re excited to take it to the track and compete. We expect to gain valuable information through the competition of our motorcycles and plan to apply that knowledge to the development of future products,” added Neal Saiki, Zero Motorcycles Founder and CTO.


  • Biker Mouse from Mars - 2009-12-10 07:05

    A rival electric motorcycle race series????? The depravity if it, is too much to bear!! "Loud pipes, save lives".

  • Wize - 2009-12-15 13:34

    Yup, very weird watching these electric bikes fly around and hear very little coming from them

  • AagNee - 2009-12-17 08:58

    I always smile at the “zero carbon and zero emissions”. They conveniently forgot about the power station that generated the electricity in the first place and the chemical pollution that is associated with the manufactory and disposal of batteries. They should call it deferred emission, not zero emission

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