Video: Biker rides into cyclists

2013-04-30 12:56

Cyclist riding along Kalk Bay in the Western Cape have to be constantly vigilant of passing drivers and motorcyclists. If you’re an inexperience driver or rider and don’t maintain the obligatory 1m distance between your vehicle and a cyclist, chances are you’ll end up causing a crash. 

A video uploaded to YouTube serves as reminder for local cyclists as to the dangers of sharing a road with motorised vehicles.

A video uploaded by user Rnickeymouse shows a horror crash involving a rider and two motorcyclists. The rider, coming out of a turn on Mulholland Highway, California, hits two cyclists.


Rnickeymouse says, “Even though bicycles are up here in increasing numbers, this is the first time a bicycle has been hit by a motorcycle in the fours years I've been up here.”

“Motorcycle riders of all skill levels come up here to practice. This location it is pretty common for riders to sometimes go wide exiting the turn. It is very unfortunate, and a rare case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We wish the cyclists a speedy recovery.”

The video shows the rider exiting a corner, straightening up and crashing into the cyclists, causing all three to tumble to the ground. He doesn’t appear to make any attempt to steer away from the cyclists.

The error seems to be down to “target fixation”, a process by which the brain is focused so intently on an observed object that awareness of other obstacles can diminish.


Rnickeymouse says: “The (cyclist) was my friend visiting from England who was struck first. I was further back on the hill when the accident happened and am one of the guys who comes in the picture to his assistance.

“He's doing ok and was discharged from the hospital yesterday with no broken bones miraculously."

YouTube commenter Osafoca said/: “If you listen between 0:02-0:03, the motorcycle's foot peg scrapes the pavement. It scared the rider so he stands the bike up immediately, then panics, stares at the bicyclists, and goes right into them. It's a common mistake on motorcycles (target fixation).

To the people claiming it's on purpose, you obviously don't ride a motorcycle. This would be the last thing this person would ever want to do, for many reasons.”

Tom Hill said: ”First thing the biker did wrong was sit up. It's a shame this happened, mashed up bike and injured people.”

Yam man commented: “Ok, so the motorcycle rider was at fault. When you ride or drive on the road you are at a certain risk of being in a incident. So as much as cyclists go up in arms about being run into on the road people do not intend to do this but like anything is does happen with human error. A ding in a car can be a death on a bike (motor or pedal).

At least he got up and walked away, the initial impact would have been a lot of shock, regardless he is lucky.”

Watch the video!

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  • Wikus Erasmus - 2013-04-30 17:17

    Most of our bikers have a total disregard for decency and laws. Sure lane-splitting is technically not illegal but that doesnt make it safe! And then cyclists! pompous arrogant bipedalists that have zero regard for their OWN safety.... riding on the busiest roads in broad groups all over the roads.... THINK BULLBAR!!!

      BLUESILVER2012 - 2013-05-01 07:25

      Wikus, you just made known you will kill other road users and I can see you a plank, bullbars...you still stuck in the 80's??? They called NUDGE bars or INTEGRATED STEEL BARS you uneducated tool NOT desinged to kill people...moron

  • Joe Smith - 2013-04-30 18:10

    Stupid cyclists.

  • Maartins Siphiso - 2013-05-02 07:20

    He should have taken out more cyclists. I hate them. They are a DANGER TO CARS AND DRIVERS. Ride on the pavement, not in the road, you are putting the driver's lives in danger and harassing us.

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