Tuk-tuks save emergency flight

2013-04-05 08:20

LIMA, Peru - Their lights shining into in the night, hundreds of tuk-tuk taxis lined an unlit airstrip in a jungle region of Peru so an emergency medivac plane with three very sick patients could take off.


All three patients survived after the 300-odd motorcycles riders - their machines fashioned into small taxis with a compartment for passengers, heeded a call on Wednesday night (April 3, 2013) from a radio station to race to the 800m airstrip in Contamana, in one of Peru's poorest regions, Peruvian media reported.

The airstrip has no lights for night flights.

The patients were a woman and her newborn - each with serious problems after the delivery, -and a man with a tropical disease.

"We have always been people with a heart," said Adolfo Lobo, the radio presenter who put out the call for help.

Contamana, a town of 26 000 people, has a hospital but no equipment for emergency situations and the airport is rudimentary.       


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