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R2.75m Ferrari bike up for sale

2010-03-29 11:38
Motorcycles hardly come more exclusive than this. A one-off bike that sports Ferrari’s famous prancing horse. And for a suitably jaw-dropping price tag you can now call it your own.

According to UK vendor Specialist Cars’ website it all started when David Kay wrote to Enzo Ferrari’s son Piero, requesting to build a one-off motorcycle sporting the Ferrari logo in tribute to his late father.

In a letter dated Maranello, 23rd May 1990 and signed by P Ferrari himself (included in the comprehensive press and information file for the bike) Kay receives the approval to place the Ferrari badge on his bike and is wished good luck with his project.

When highly reputed MV Agusta guru David Kay set about building this unique piece of engineering from scratch, he looked towards both the future and the past, as he thought of what may have been if Ferrari would have decided to produce a GT or endurance racing machine.

The engine is a scratch built 900cc, transverse, double overhead camshaft, four cylinder, eight valve unit with magnesium and alloy casings, driven through a five speed gearbox.

Four years after starting on the project the Ferrari 900 had an estimated top speed of 265 km/h and produced 78kW at 8 800r/min with a dry weight of a mere 172kg.

This unique Ferrari creation is currently for sale through UK-based Specialist Cars http://www.specialistcars.net and can be bought from the company on eBay for the very cool sum of R2.75m.


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