Honda NC750X – the case for fuel economy

'With the recent double-whammy of financial rating downgrades set to wreak havoc on our economy, however, even bikers are edgy about increased fuel costs,' writes Dries Van der Walt.

WATCH: Bike almost squashes rider

The British MotoGP was reduced to 19 laps after it was halted following a brutal first-lap collision between Loris Baz and Pol Espargaro.

Meet the Suzuki of the future

2006-02-15 10:07

The Suzuki Stratosphere

It is called the Stratosphere and Suzuki says that it can "enrich the joy of riding, joy of operating the bike and joy of ownership which people seek from motorcycles". Cool.

Power is by a compact 6-cylinder motor. In fact, it isn't much bigger than a conventional 4-cylinder.

The company claims that the bike has power through-out its rev ranges: punchy low down torque is helped by a quick and responsive mid-range and a smooth high-range.

The idea is to help the rider as much as possible, without taking away the joys of two-wheeled cavorting.

An auto-shift mechanism allows the bike to shift without a clutch lever. But, the bike has a lever, for those more traditional riders out there.

Riders can choose between manual control and automatic operation. In automatic operation, the system shifts to manual control whenever the clutch lever is operated, allowing detailed, manual clutch control.

Other nifty gadgets include speakers in the windshield; stuff that makes the "Stratosphere embody Suzuki's suggestions for not only new motorcycle functions but also a new motorcycling lifestyle". Wow, that's deep.

The design is a modern take on the Katana of the '80s.

But, Suzuki says that it ,"Puts into shape the concept metallic life form with a blend of functional beauty - the basis of all motorcycle beauty - and a dynamically shaped beauty of form."

Whatever that means!

What we can say is that the bike in long, low and flat. It is streamlined with flat seat cutting into the fuel tank and a wavy exhaust sitting under the engine.

One thing is for sure, this bike looks unique.

The bike is only a concept, because people seem to really enjoy their current GSX-Rs ? with a clutch that works.


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