2013 Honda NC700XD

2013-01-22 11:41

CAPE TOWN - The NC700XD crossover offers the long-travel suspension, agility and commanding riding position of an off-road bike in an overall package with high standards of stability, braking and engine performance.

It promises a fun, engaging riding experience together with the practicality and ease of use that make it a machine eminently suitable for daily commuting.


Powering the new model is  liquid-cooled, in-line 2-cylinder 670 cm3 engine is a lightweight and compact unit with a low centre of gravity. It offers power delivery with strong levels of torque at low to medium rpm combined with low exhaust gas emissions and notable fuel efficiency (27.9 km/litre WMTC mode).

Developed to provide responsive power and strong torque in a compact package, the new 670 cm3 inline two-cylinder engine also meets the demands of environmental concerns by being fuel-efficient (27.9 km/litre) for a tank range of nearly 400km.

With its internal storage compartment, protective fairing and windscreen and commanding riding position, the NC700X is ready for anything, whether city or long distance riding.


It is available with either a conventional manual 6-speed transmission or the second generation of Honda’s dual clutch transmission. The system uses two hydraulically controlled clutches to deliver swift and very smooth gear changes in a choice of three modes. Manual (MT) allows the rider to shift gears using buttons, while automatic mode (AT) offers two settings: S for sporty riding and D for everyday use.

Early in the development of the bike, new research yielded some key data regarding the typical engine use of a rider commuting on a mid-capacity machine. It was determined that 90% of riding involved speeds of 140km/h or less and engine speeds of 6000rpm or less. The NC700X demanded a new engine ideally suited to this kind of usage and with strong torque characteristics across the rpm range typically used providing ease of use.


The NC700X features an internal storage space large enough to hold a full-face helmet, a waterproof suit or a bag. The fuel tank holds 14.1 litres – enough for a range of nearly 400km between fill-ups. Since this range is due to engine efficiency, not a large fuel tank, it comes without the penalty of additional weight or bulk, and also ensures very low running costs.

The NC700X has a relaxed and comfortable upright riding position with a higher viewpoint for possible obstacles ahead. Another advantage of this off-road inspired riding position is great low-speed control. Combined with the machine’s low centre of gravity and generous steering lock, the result is exceptional low-speed handling and agility.

Advanced multi-function instrument display

The NC700X reassures the rider by communicating all the important running information at a glance. The clear and easy-to-read instrument display features a digital speedometer, a digital bar-type tachometer, a clock, a bar-type fuel meter and two trip meters.

The NC700XD has been launched in four colours.


The versatility of the NC700X can be further enhanced with a range of Honda accessories.
35L top box
45L top box on/off
29L pannier kit
Pannier kit decoration panel
Top box 35L inner bag
Top box 45L inner bag
Pannier inner bag set
High windscreen
Front side cowl panel
Leg deflector kit
Foot deflector kit
LED fog lamp kit
Accessory pipe
Grip heater kit
12V DC socket kit
Main stand

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  • harrisralph - 2013-01-22 16:06

    OK...so is the model called the NC700X or the NC700XD? Catch a wake-up guys...

  • francois.langenhoven.5 - 2013-02-03 18:49

    Is this the auto model at last? Took an eternity to get here

  • francois.langenhoven.5 - 2013-02-03 18:50

    Their slow introduction of the auto made me buy an Aprilia. What a bike!

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