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Bikers dream: Satnav in a helmet

2013-06-19 07:13

DREAM COME TRUE FOR BIKERS: Colour display, voice controls and a digital compass for tracking head movements...LiveMap’s product could revolutionise bike helmets.Image: YouTube

Most vehicles produced today are equipped with dashboards navigation systems but motorcyclists still don't have an effective solution for their riding needs.

Referencing maps requires a roadside stop and GPS systems can be distracting.

Watch the video!

The team at LiveMap Navigation is looking to fund a project that could bring navigation systems to riders - Think Google Glass in helmet form.


The motorcycle helmet is equipped with technology inspired by the helmets worn by fighter-jet pilots.

The project already has the financial backing and support from the Moscow Department of Science and several other Russian organisations, but LiveMap is looking for additional funding to get it up and running.

According to LiveMap, riders will have access to "a colourful, translucent picture would project onto the visor and create a clear, unobstructed view.

"It would come with its own interface and prevent users from watching videos or playing games while riding."

The helmet features two 3000-mAh batteries, a microphone for voice controls and a digital compass for tracking head movements.


LiveMap plans to ship the helmet in August 2014, with a price tag of R14995 for devices purchased in June and R20000 for those purchased afterward.

LiveMap said: "Our future goals would be to add Bluetooth with headset profile for using the helmet as a? headset. Other tech we're looking at is adding built-in high-resolution 13 mega- pixel photo and video camera."

LiveMap answers some of its user queries on YouTube:

Question: Why a specialised helmet? Why not create a Google Glass app?
LiveMap: “Wearing glasses underneath a helmet that fits your head well is not comfortable. Even regular glasses with thin temples.

“ As you probably know Google Glass' right temple is very big as it contains batteries and electronics. Thus it will be not comfortable (of possible at all) to wear GG under a helmet. More than that, we consider any object placed in front of your eye unsafe while riding.”

Q: What about creating a screen you could replace your existing helmet visor with?

“A better solution would be is to replace Google Glass tiny screen with a larger one then you can use it on your favorite helmet without having to pay R20 000and you get everything that Google Glass has to offer!

“We can hardly imagine how our customer will replace GG screen with a bigger one. We are developing an end-user product, ready for use as is.

Q: What about ventilation?

LM: "We have plans to integrate enough vents. It's only a prototype, not a final shell."

Q: How long will the helmet battery last?

LM: “The supposed battery life is long enough. You will definitely make stops to have a rest. During these stops you will be able to charge your device with an USB cable from the bike charging system, no problem.”

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