Akrapovic kit for GSX-R1000

2012-09-20 08:38

Suzuki’s latest GSX-R1000 has recently been launched in South Africa, but performance exhaust specialist Akrapovic already has a trick up its sleeve.

Suzuki’s litre-bike might be a revelation to those who love it – be it as a track toy or a daily commuter – and Akrapovic has six combinations of hand-crafted exhausts to appeal to even the pickiest of riders.


The easiest way to net performance gains is with an Akrapovic slip-on line replacement muffler with a carbon composite or titanium alloy body. These mufflers are simple bolt-on additions to give that racing look and sound (with full sound regulations approval, Akrapovic said).

Compared to the 2.5kg mass of the original muffler, the Akrapovic option reduces weighs about half.

In terms of performance, the slip-on line muffler is said to do an excellent job of filling in the dips and troughs of the power and torque curves, especially in the mid-rpm range.

The differences are measured as a power gain of 4.6kW at 7200rpm and torque gain of 6.1Nm at 7050rpm.

To extract even more performance from the 16-valve, four-cylinder Suzuki, Akrapovic has introduced two ready-to-race full length exhaust systems – the Racing and Evolution Lines. Both are available with carbon-fibre composite or titanium alloy mufflers.

Fit for track use, the Racing Line’s downpipe, collector and link pipe sections are constructed from austenitic stainless steel, while the Evolution Line’s only exception is that its tube sections are constructed from titanium alloys.

Both racing systems, Akrapovic said, are designed for flush fit to ensure maximum ground and race bodywork clearance but still allow access to major engine components.
Performance gains extend to a power increase of 11.5kW at 12 650rpm, while peak torque up by is 7.1Nm at 7050rpm.


As with the slip-on mufflers, the Racing and Evolution Line systems can be ordered with either carbon fibre or titanium alloy muffler bodies. A carbon fibre end cap, which is heat resistant, also assists in weight reduction while adding to the racing systems’ style cachet.

Friedrich Thomas, Akrapovic product manager, said: “Any GSX-R designated Suzuki model instantly conjures up thoughts of a definitive race-replica and now, with the choice of the six different styles of Akrapovic exhaust system, that thought comes even closer to reality.

“If an Akrapovic customer chooses a slip-on line muffler, he or she will get the full racing look with other benefits of increased performance and the circuit sound.

“With Akrapovic full racing systems, a customer gets the full benefit of 21 years of race development. These exhausts deliver all the required attributes for competition use – performance increase, massive weight reduction over stock exhaust, improved ground clearance, exceptional durability and service back up.”