Achtung! S1000RR conrod recall

2012-05-07 08:27

BMW Motoraad is recalling around 1500 2012 model year S1000RR superbikes built so far because of concern over the gradual loosening of connecting-rod bolts which could cause engine damage.

The recall, called "a technical campaign"by BMW, is officially not a safety recall and BMW said owners would be contacted to bring in their bike to have the bolts replaced with extra thread-locking compound though, according to the bike-maker, most of the 1500 machines are still in dealers' showrooms or at the Berlin  factory.


The bolts will be replaced and an additional thread-locking compound used.

The BMW statement said: "Following exhaustive quality monitoring it has come to our attention that under extreme engine conditions there is a very small possibility that affected vehicles may suffer engine damage owing to the gradual loosening of a connecting-rod bolt."

The statement added that BMW Motorrad would like to apologise to RR customers "but will act quickly to ensure the minimum disruption to their riding enjoyment".

BMW SA commented on the local situation with the bikes: "The production period of the bikes affected is 01/09/2011 (start of production: S 1000 RR model revision) to 05/04/2012. Worldwide, 1900 motorcycles are affected - including 41 in South Africa. Their owners are being informed by BMW Motorrad and its dealers. The repair is expected to take one working day (7.5 hours).

"This upgrade, of course, will be free of charge."

  • Stephen - 2012-05-07 15:21

    This "upgrade". hahahaha talk about PR. Its a blatant stuff up and they making it sound like you getting something more than what you paid for.

  • louis.langenhoven - 2012-05-07 16:30

    I've been doin this upgrade on every bike i ever had with loctite. What is it with BMW anyway- first they give a guy a 2 day boner and now their rods are falling off!

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