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50 000 BMW's recalled - but not in SA

2014-01-09 13:38

BEEMER BIKE RECALL: More than 50 000 upmarket BMW motorcycles have been recalled in the US because of fuel leaks. And only in the US - though SA bikers say they too have complained. Image: BMW

MUNICH, Germany - BMW has recalled 50 200 motorcycles in the US to prevent potential fuel leaks and fire.

It seems, going by emails from South African BMW owners, that the problem is already common here though a BMW SA spokesman said he was unaware of the problem and that no cases had been reported.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warned that fuel-pump flanges on several models assembled between 2005 and 2011 might crack and allow fuel to seep out.


BMW in the US will either reinforce the suspect flange or replace the pump. Which will be good news for the Cape BMW Motorcycle Club which claims to know of many such incidents on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

The US safety agency said the motorcycles recalled were R, K and S1000 units and HP2 vehicles. However BWM said in January 2014 that no models sold in Germany were affected.

At least one owner in Cape Town has come forward with information. 'Kevin' emailed Wheels24:

'Hi, I think it would be of public interest if Wheels24 follows this story? I am aware of several owners in the Cape BMW Motorcycle Club who have also experienced fuel leaks where petrol pours from this leak on to the hot engine and exhaust.

'Searching the Internet will reveal the extent of the issue. BMW SA has not said a word yet. This is normal behaviour from them, they have a terrible reputation among BMW motorcycle owners.'

In response to Kevin's email, BMW said they "would investigate the issues raised". this was followed by another query to which BMW replied: 'Please note that the recall mentioned in the media reports only affects bikes in the USA.

'We encourage any local BMW motorcycle owners who experience the same issues as those mentioned in the reports to get in touch with our BMW Motorrad customer contact centre on 0800 600 555 and we will gladly have the issue checked.'

In a conversation with a more senior BMW staff member Wheels24 was assured that no BMW motorcycles in South Africa had reported such a problem.

BMW SA added, however, that since BMW Motorrad did not rate the issue as safety-relevant, the motorcycles could be operated without risk.

"However, BMW Motorrad will ensure that the fuel pump unit in all motorcycles affected worldwide is checked at the next service visit. Based on findings, the unit will then either be repaired or replaced.

"No costs will be incurred to customers if they're affected by this measure."

A Google search for 'bmw 1200 fuel flange leak' scored more than 42 000 results.

Read the full recall list here.

See also many items on Google.

If you've experienced the leaking fuel problem tell us about it briefly in the Readers' Comments section below or email us.

Reader Daan Smit writes: Funny that this should surface only now. I own a 2005 BMW R1150RT and had to replace the quick connectors due to fuel leakage as the flange on the female connector cracked. BMW replaced the plastic originals with a metal connector which I bought at Auto Bavaria for R750 in 2010. The second one was replaced last year in November and again I bought it but this time from Zambezi BMW. Not once was there any mention of a factory guarantee.
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