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When a Scooby tames a Golden Lion named Courtnall

2016-11-14 14:59

Janine Van der Post

SKOSAN'S SHUBIE: Golden Lion's player Courtnall Skosan poses with his Subaru WRX. Image: Supplied


Have a look at this Subaru Impreza WRX STi Time Attack weapon built and modified by Tecnoracing Performance competing during Round 2 of the 2016 Time Attack Italia championship at the Monza circuit.

Cape Town - Courtnall Skosan is a wing bearing the No.14 for the Golden Lions rugby team. He's quick off the mark, agile and when given the opportunity to take a gap, he always delivers.

He's also a petrolhead of note and has probably loved cars before he could even catch a rugby ball.

Subaru South Africa has made this sports star one of their brand ambassadors, giving him the keys to a Crystal White Pearl 2016 Subaru WRX.

Skosan's professional rugby career kicked off with the Blue Bulls at Under-19. He then earned a call-up to the South African Under-20 team for the IRB Junior World Champs in 2011, and then moved on to the senior Blue Bulls team before signing with the Golden Lions in 2014.

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The 2016 Super Rugby season gave Skosan the chance to make his mark with 10 tries to boot.

Wheels24's Janine Van der Post finds out more about the No.14 player's love for all things motoring, and his new 'Scooby' WRX.

Wheels24:1. Being a Golden Lion is one thing we know about you, and that you’re married to a beautiful wife. But, you’re also a petrolhead. Tell us about your love for cars, where it stems from, who inspired the petrol running through your veins?

Courtnall Skosan: Haha. I am indeed a bit of a petrolhead. I've been in love with fast and beautiful cars since I was a laaitie. It all started with the Fast and the Furious movie. I have watched all of them and every time I watch it again I feel like I'm a racecar driver when I get into my car. I also have an uncle that I used to visit a lot when I was younger and he had cars like the Lancer Evo 8, which he would take me for drives with and ever since then I knew that I love turbo cars. 

W24:2. What was your very first car? Did it have a name, what’s the story there?
CS: My first car was my trusty Toyota Conquest 1.3. I called it The Conqi. It was our family car for many years. First my father's, then my mother's and then mine. I remember the excitement when I moved to Pretoria in 2010 and my dad said that he would send it up for me as soon as I have my license. That car was my love, pride and joy. Had the mags, sound and the works. 

W24: 3. I know your current car is a Golf GTI, what made you go for VW’s popular hatchback?
CS: There are a few cars I said as a laaitie that I would love to have in my garage one day and the GTI could not be left out. I was blessed with the opportunity when the time was right and made the move to get the G. I love the look, the way it goes from gear 1 to 6 effortlessly. 

W24: 4. So how then did Subaru come into the picture, that you’re now driving one of their cars? Which models is it, have you named this one?
CS: I am currently driving the 2016 Subaru WRX! I don't have a proper name yet, but been calling it the Shubie when making reference to it. 
I have always been a big Subaru fan, not only recently, but since a very young age, thinking of Colin McRae. Getting to know it as a rally car, but getting more familiar with it in the movie, "Born 2 Race". That roaring sound, the safety features, that adrenaline rushing experience when you put your foot in the corner and feel the boost. 
The way we came together and started the journey is purely based on the fact that we share similar values when it comes to our brand. I love what Subaru stands for. They don't just make amazing cars, but really care about people and the community.

5. My husband is a rugby fanatic, and he’s a big fan of yours albeit being a huge All Blacks supporter. He has pointed out your ridiculous pace to me many times. How would you compare the Subaru to your personality traits?
CS: Haha. Wow. What a blessing. Big ups to your hubby. The WRX really has an aggressive and hard hitting exterior, but when you step inside, you get a real feel of comfort, luxury and a clean finish. I would say I'm just about the same. I'm really a people's person and a friendly comforting person, although I sometimes look like I just wanna be left alone. Haha. 

The way the car drives... From acceleration to top end speed, I really feel a lot of similarities and connect to the car when I'm out on the road. I always feel in control even when running flat out. It's really a fun, sporty, high performance, comforting, and family friendly experience. So many things that plays a big part in my life and career. 

W24: 6. What do you love most about the Scooby you’re driving?
CS: Besides the peace of mind when behind the wheel, I would say Gear 1 to Gear 3. I found myself having to slow down after that once or twice before. It's a beast. 

Life is a journey and only YOU hold the KEY... @subarujhb #motivation #monday #subaru #wrx #key

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W24: 7. When you put the Scooby up against your GTI, what’s the biggest difference or what do you like more in the one than the other?
CS: Since I got the Scooby, I only drove the G once. That's testament to how much I'm enjoying the Shubie. My wife uses the G mostly. 

W24: 8. Are you a motorsport fan? Who’s your favourite F1 driver and why? Or do you follow MotoGP?
CS: I used to be a big F1 fan not too long ago. The Schumacher days. Always admired his driving. He was just another class of a driver. When someone said F1, people thought, Schumacher. That's dominating your own. I respect people that master their craft and come out top. It inspires me. 

W24: 9. If you could have any 3 cars you wanted, what would be in your dream garage?
CS: - Skyline GTR, Subaru WRX STI, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

W24: 10. What’s the funniest thing people have come up and asked you before? Or what’s the strangest thing they’ve said to you about your cars, perhaps especially the Scooby.
CS: A branded car usually sparks up some interesting chats when you're in the car at the traffic light or parking lots. But something that stood out for me was: There were two guys that drove up to me very fast on the highway a few Sundays ago. It looked like he was going to overtake me, but he rolled down his window and the two in the car started cheering and shouting out the car towards my side. I greeted and starting smiling. They were either fans of the car or the Lions. They showed some proper love. 


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