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#My2Million: What car would you buy with R2-million?

2016-11-10 06:00

WELL-LOVED PONY CAR: The Ford Mustang is the perfect driving tool for SA's winding roads. If you had R2-million which car combinations would you buy? Image: Sean Parker

Cape Town - Here’s the question – If you were given a free R2-million to spend on any one or more cars of your choice, what would you pick?

We asked some of our favourite experts – the guys (and lady) who are lucky enough to test-drive numerous cars, be at the launches for new models, can rattle off any cars specs off the top their heads in any situation, and have petrol running through their veins.

These are the people we couldn’t wait to ask – what will you be driving for R2-million? #My2Million

Calvin Fisher, Editor of TopCar Magazine

Two million Rand is a lot of money. I’d struggle to ignore a brand new Nissan GT-R but then again, I don’t always want to break the sound barrier in my daily drive. That, and we’re a family of five so I’d much rather value a luxury SUV with decent eco credentials such as the Volvo XC90 TwinEngine hybrid. I’d use the difference to build myself a six-car garage and fill it with project and race cars. I’m not the sensible type.

Aaron Borrill, Associate Editor of TopCar Magazine

It doesn’t just come down to affordability but also aspiration. For me the BMW M4  GTS embodies everything that makes us petrolheads. It’s fast. Raw. Visceral. And the emotional connection you share with it borders on organic. Yes, it may become a chore to live with every day owing to its abrasive nature but let’s not forget this is a BMW special – a homage to what made us love this culture in the first place.

What car(s) would you spend R2-million on? Let us know by sharing on social media and using the hashtag #My2Million @Wheels24 @AutoTraderSA

Janine van der Post, Wheels24

The petrolhead in me would scream the Nissan GT-R without any hesitation. The Nissan Skylines have always been one of my favourite cars, so naturally the latest GT-R pulls at my heartstrings. The 3.8-litre V6 engine is good for 408kW of power and 632Nm of torque; it has a zero-hundred sprint time of less than 3 seconds and a claimed top speed capable of 315km/h. The drive, albeit refined, still feels raw and it’s the ultimate supercar in my books that still works, and is comfortable enough, as a daily drive with all the thrills.

Ray Leathern, Online Editor of TopCar Magazine

If you’re after the most bang for your buck, then there’s still no better way to spend R2-million than on a Nissan GT-R  - the supercar that has never stopped evolving, continues to defeat stuff costing twice as much, is faster point-to-point than anything with four wheels, seats four, and has a big boot.

Sergio Davids, Editor of Wheels24

With R2-million to spend, the list of potential vehicle combinations is endless. That being said I have my top three ways to spend R2-million on cars:

The big splurgeBMW M3 (R1.1 to 1.3-million). The BMW M3 sets the standard in performance sedans and the current generation is no exception. It’s fast, agile and can be driven “normally”, though I’d probably have sport mode engaged 99% of the time. 

Unleash your inner boy racerAudi RS3 (R 826 000) & Mustang GT (R 852 900 to R 935 900). Both those choices tick all the right boxes when it comes to a petrolhead purchase; insane pace, visceral handling and unique on our roads. Sure, there will be a lengthy waiting period (read: months) and both vehicles are incredibly impractical but they’re perfect to unleash your inner boyracer. The Audi RS3 amounts to a rocket on wheels while the Mustang fulfils a petrolhead dream of mine – owning a muscle car.

The practical choiceRange Rover Evoque (R 767 000 to R 1 030 500) + BMW 5 Series (R787 000 for the 528i). The Range Rover Evoque is one of the most stylish and capable SUVs around, making it a practical daily drive and an excellent vehicle for impromptu road trips. The current 5 Series is a bit long in the tooth compared to rivals but it’s one of my favourite premium sedans in South Africa.

What car would you choose spend R2-million on? Let us know by sharing on social media and using the hashtag #My2Million @Wheels24 @AutoTraderSA

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