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WATCH: Trucks behaving badly along the N1

2017-06-19 13:40

Cape Town - A video of two trucks driving dangerously along the N1 has gone viral.

The incident, captured by a fellow road user, occurred on June 18, about 50km outside of Laingsburg.  

The clip shows a truck overtaking another on a solid line while oncoming cars are forced onto the shoulder of the road.

The truck on the right takes eventually passes (1min30 in the clip) the truck on the left. 

'Before innocent people lose their lives'

Rudi Viljoen uploaded the clip on June 18, the caption reads: "Please share, so that this...loses his job before innocent people lose their lives. I made contact with the owner, and sent the video. He didn't want to make a plan with the driver.

"This is why the video/photo has been posted. The incident happened on 18 June 2017, 50 km before Laingsburg, direction Cape Town at around 14:45."

Additional information has since been received that the owner called his driver and the driver also said that the truck on the left accelerated. The 'Sugarfield' truck is governed at 90km/h. 

The original post below:

'No winners in road crashes'

We reached out to Arrive Alive's Johan Jonck to comment on the video, he said: "A video has been received from several road users about an incident which occurred on the 18th of June 2017, 50km before Laingsburg in the direction towards Cape Town at 14:45.

"For the purposes of this discussion we will not include reference to the dangers of driving when distracted and the risks of using a cellular phone while driving. Much of the dismay from the public has correctly been at the overtaking truck driver who has certainly created a dangerous hazard for oncoming vehicles.

"It is however important to note that the truck driver to the left should focus on defensive driving as well! There are NO winners in road crashes. By merely slowing down a bit, the overtaking truck would be able to get into a position of safety much faster thereby reducing the magnitude of risk.

"We find too often that road users want to "make a point" to the other road users instead of focusing on the most important issue - that of Immediate safety!

"Even though we cannot condone unsafe overtaking, we should emphasize the need for kind and defensive driving - accept that others might err in the distance they need to overtake - and make the necessary [ even though inconvenient] adjustment to your own driving to ensure safety!"  


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2017-08-01 13:41
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