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This mom splurged R318 000 on a Rolls Royce, Lambo and a camel for son's prom

2017-06-06 08:50

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Philadelphia - One Philadelphia teenager's mom took his prom to the extreme, spending $25 000 (the equivalent of about R318 000) on a camel, three tons of sand and exotic cars.

He brought three dates, all in custom-made gowns, and wore three different outfits himself.

Saudia Shuler says she thought of sending her only son, Johnny Eden Jnr (JJ), to Dubai for a visit. Instead, she decided to bring Dubai to Philadelphia for the formal dance.

She brought the sand and the camel into their neighborhood for photos. Luxury cars, including a Rolls Royce, Range Rover Sport and a Lamborghini, were on loan for the evening.

With matric ball season kicking off in SA, what kind of car will you hire for your child's big night? Would you splurge on luxury cars for your child? 
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Shuler says it was all worth it. She says she fought cancer and suffered from a stroke in the past few years. She told herself if she was going to make it and that she would host a huge prom for her son.

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JJ's mother, Shuler, owns a soul food restaurant and catering business called Country Cookin. According to BillPenn.com, Shuler saved for her son's big event.

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Shuler apparently kept a water jug in her home as her 'savings jar'. Shuler believes she forked out the equivalent of R318 000 for her son's event.

She said many friends refused to be paid for their services or gave her huge reduced rates, like the makeup artists, the  muralist Ivben Taqiy, the prom dress designer who would only let her pay for materials. Another friend delivered and shoveled the sand.


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