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Here’s how to beat Traffic in SA's most congested Cities

2017-03-31 09:18

Lawrence Minnie

ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORT: With congestion an increasing problem in SA cities, we look at alternative modes of transportation. Image: iStock

Cape Town - Cape Town has recently taken grabbed the dubious title of "Most Congested City in South Africa" by satnav specialist TomTom.

This title was held by Johannesburg for a long time but with its upgraded road network and a plethora of options available to get around the city has alleviated many of its traffic problems.

With fewer options and an aging road network, Cape Town is now the city most prone to lengthy traffic-jams. The average travel time for car-commuters is an astonishing two hours.

The city has put measures in place to try and deal with the escalating problem, such as allocating budget to upgrade and refurbish road systems, and urging companies to offer flex-time to reduce the amount of road users.

If you are a city dweller and spend your hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic, there are other options available in most of major cities.

Here are alternative ways to get around Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban: List by Autotrader

Cape Town

MyCiti bus service

Probably the most well-known public transport service in Cape Town, is the MyCiti bus service. It has transport installed on most of the major routes into the city with classy stations, dedicated traffic lanes and a fleet of elegant busses.


The most widely used alternative transport in the mother city, Metrorail trains have seen a sharp decline as reliability issues and cable theft are regularly plaguing the transporter. When the trains do run on schedule, it is a good way to see the city from a different perspective.

Golden Arrow bus services

Another bus service offered is via the fleet of Golden Arrow buses. Running just about everywhere on major feeder routes, the buses are an integral part of transport in and around the older parts of the city.

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Ride sharing

The city has asked motorists to institute ride sharing, in order to reduce the number of cars on the freeways. If space allows, four (or more) colleagues in one car can drastically reduce the amount of motor vehicles taking up space on the road network.


This popular, internet-based ride booking service is used frequently by Capetonians in need of a quick ride from the office to the airport, or even as a day-to-day transport solution to work and back. Many professionals who live and work in the city don’t own cars.

Two Wheels

Whether it be by bicycle or by motorcycle, tackling the traffic on two wheels is a prime way of reducing the amount of vehicles on the road.

A Golden Arrow bus in Cape Town. Image: iStock



The most well-known alternative transport in Johannesburg is the Gautrain. With direct links from the airport to Sandton and Pretoria, and plans for expanding outwards, the Gautrain is always a pleasure to use.

Rea Vaya

With routes within the city bowl, the Rea Vaya bus service is the alternative to metered taxis and minibus taxi services.


Much like the Golden Arrow bus service of Cape Town, the Metrobus service is widely used throughout Johannesburg into the city and surrounds.


Not as widely available as in Cape Town, the Metrorail trains run from the outlying areas into Johannesburg along traditionally segregated routes.


Ease of use, low cost and reliability has made Über one of the simplest and effective ways to get around Jozi.

The Gautrain in Gauteng. Image: iStock


Although only taking a relieved 5th place on the list, Durban is still an economic hub that has heavily congested areas during peak times. As such, they have traditionally needed fewer alternative transport options.

Go!Durban bus service

Very much along the same lines as the Metrobus and Golden Arrow Bus services, the Go!Durban service operates on assigned routes in and around the city.

Durban Rail

Still a transport option that brings many people into the city, the rail service in Durban is a lot smaller than that of its coastal brethren, but is still as integral.

Minibus taxi service 

The most utilized service in Durban, the taxi industry transports the bulk of the labour work force into and out of Durban. 


Just like Johannesburg and Cape Town, Durban also has its dedicated fleet of Uber cars.

Minibuses are still part of Durban's daily transport systems. Image: iStock


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