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Are those cupcake liners? 5 easy way to keep your car clean

2016-08-11 07:09


TIPS AND TRICKS: We list 5 ways you can keep your vehicle clean. Image: iStock

Cape Town - Earlier in August, we listed 15 effective ways to clean your car

The guys at Tyroola provided excellent and efficient steps that any driver can benefit from.

What about maintaining your vehicle's interior?

Keeping your car clean 

Once you've washed and buffed your car, you want to make sure that it remains that way. This means that you need to be organised and with a few simple additions to your cabin, you can ensure your vehicle remains clean.

Here are five easy ways to keep your car clean:

1 Purchase a handy backseat organiser

If you're a parent you'll know doubt realise children can create a relatively large mess in a short period of time. A handy backseat organiser is able to keep your children's belongings organised and not strewn across the backseat. An organiser also comes in handy if space is at a premium (read: small city car).

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2 Silicone cupcake liners for cup-holder crumbs and spills

The silicone of the cupcake liners is able to adjust around the edges of your cup holders and will ensure that all small crumbs and spills are going to stick to it. This makes it easier to remove crumbs from places that you might not otherwise reach.

3 Use an empty gum container to store loose change

Loose change strewn around your car is a mess which is why it’s a good idea to keep them together in an empty gum container. This way, you won’t have to dig around to scrape together change parking.

Do you have any interesting car-cleaning tips to share? How do you maintain your car's cabin? Share your thoughts with Wheels24.

4 Keep your car clean with a portable trash can

Despite our best intentions there can be gum wrappers and used tissues strewn around our vehicles. Use a portable "trash can" to prevent yourself from turning your car into a dumping ground. Use a simple cereal container and convert it into a miniature trashcan to use in your car. This will prevent clutter and even bugs from inhabiting your vehicle. 

5 Protect carpets with cheap rubber mats

You can save the original carpet mats of your car by placing a cheap set over them or turning them over if they have a rubber backing; especially if you have children. This will go a long way towards extending your mats’ life.

For more great tips, visit Tyroola.


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