2015 Solar Drive ready for the desert
Ilanga II is back on the road, this time for the 2015 African Solar Drive, for a trip up north the continent.
Mom's driving-school dream come true
Pennie Alexander helped her daughter to drive again after a car crash - then went on to open a chain of very special driving schools.
Terror as bike pillion ride goes wrong
Arrive Alive writer and biker RUAN PLINT recalls a traumatic incident when his young son rode pillion with him. This highlights why riders should always be cautious.
Counting cost: SA toll roads calculator
Toll fees can often be a costly exercise when you've forgotten how many you have to go through Drive SA has launched a cost calculator.
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Avoid the perils of Christmas parking
Parking can be a nightmare during the Christmas holidays so Citroen UK has released a parking survey with some interesting behaviour data, much of it relevant to... read more
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Get there alive: Top safety tips
Ready to hit the long road for the holidays? Here's a great list of tips with everything you need to know.
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